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  • hawaii

    hey everyone i found some pics on i wanted to post more about drifters out here in hawaii anyways they were fetured in some jap mags check it out (sorry the pictures are so big)

    * the first signal event was covered in the Battle Mag dec 2002 issue*

    *hawaii drifters featured in Option!!!!*

    if anyone is intrested in what the article says this is the translation:
    Super Street magazine did an article on one of our drivers Komatsu, introducing him as "Drifter X", and now he's become famous in the U.S.

    When Hawaii's Grip Video asked us to participate in their drifting event, we were really excited.
    There was a seminar the day before the event and you could really see how these enthusiasts were serious about drifting. Everyone had dozens of questions about drifting.

    On the day of the event, we came in early so that we had enough time to examine everything and to make sure the car was in top shape. We were really nervous about how the audience would react to Komatsu's driving. There were
    about 300 people in the audience, with barbecues and music going on. Everyone seemed to be having a great time!

    Finally Komatsu enters the course. After one lap, he suddenly did a chokudori at 100mph. "Oh My God!!" The crowd went absolutely wild!

    It's only been about 2 years since drifting has become known in Hawaii. Even though people still have a lot to know about drifting, the 3 people that were driving till the end showed a lot of guts and great driving techniques. We were really impressed.

    In a few years these drifters could probably compete with the drifters in Japan. If there is ever an international drifting event, all of us at Signal Auto will definitely be there!

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    some of the hawaii drifters that participated in the event


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      this here is a very good friend of mines....down here in hawaii hes is known as the best ff drifter heres a few pics

      okay im done sorry the pictures were soo big