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  • AE85 Trueno progress

    Progress on the AE85 Trueno is happening slowely but surely. The poweder coating is finished and now the 3SGE is mounted. Just waiting for $$$ to get new steering rack, puck clutch and extractors.


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    2 questions: how much cash have you sunk into the motor so far? and what condition was it in when you bought it (also when did u buy it)?

    my friend crash is wanting to get a trueno, but ppl say its a big job to restore it. are the rewards great?


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      I had a 4AGZE in it with NEVO pulley. The ze front cut cost me $1750+$70 delivery (Normally $2000), with all the little bits it cam up to over $3000 installed. The NEVO pulley kit was $550 to give around 200hp. I swapped the motor for the panelbeating / paint job.

      I got given for free a series 3 1996 3SGE (Rare) from a Caldina wagon (also celica 1995 - 1997), 180hp natural stock. These are not the easiest engines to convert to RWD cause of many differences to series 1 and 2.

      I have seen series 2 front cuts for $1000 (ge)

      The engine supposedly ran, with 80,000km. I opened it and the oil had congeeled to tar, the bore hone markes were gone (my ze with 100,000+ still had factory hone marks) and the bearings were sus. The series 3 has same crank, rods and oil pump / oil squirters as 3SGTE, even water/oil cooler. It cost $120 for rings, $400 for gaskets, $100 for bearings + bore hone and clean and I still want to reco the head ($400 ish)

      Then there is the rare SA63 W55 box, custom flywheel/clutch/intake/extractors/mounts/tailshaft/dissy and the change of the oil pump/pickup/sump and a special custom mounta adapter for the block on drivers side.

      The dissy will mount next to the head backwards and run off a cam via 1:1 altinator pulleys and belt attached to a cam (as seen on some option videos running 20V 4age)

      All $$$ in .au

      I will probably sell the car completed for 14-16k


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        Did you have previous pics up here by any chance? I remember seeing that car for some reason.Its coming along nice,good thinking on the engine swap.Nice to see people stary away from the typical swap and try something new.


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          whoa! hadnt realized that engine used to be fwd before? what does it involve converting it to rwd?


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            Too much lol. Basically get everything that points backwards and make it all point forwards, then find sump, mounts and box that fit.