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Harri Tervola @ IRL WDC Drift Demo St. Petersburg (In Car Video)

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  • Harri Tervola @ IRL WDC Drift Demo St. Petersburg (In Car Video)

    Drift demos were held at the St. Petersburg downtown IndyCar race this past weekend on Fri. Sat. and Sun.

    This is the in-car footage from the Ter-Tech E34 535i during Saturdays session. Car is running on 5cyl, WAY down on power. But the brand new Kumhos still couldn't hold more than 2 laps.... boooo

    <embed width="320" height="240" src=""></p>
    Please wait 1-3 minutes for this video to stream.

    Please right-click and save target 90MB download

    Most of the drivers used the straights for cool down, and the organizer asked the drivers to put special attention on turns 4-5-6-7 (the second group of corners/drifting) for the VIP tent. [Second section of video is filmed looking from turn-5 towards turn-4, also taken Saturday April 1st]

    The other drivers in the video at the end are Ernie Fixmer in the Red S13, Verene Mei in the red 350Z, Blake Fuller in the White 350Z, Dan Willie in the Batlground S14, and Doug VanDenBrink in the red turbo Mustang

    This event was more or less testing crowd reaction and it seems it went awesome. Hopefully IRL will be adding more demos and maybe even host some points rounds with WDC.
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    nice video


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      Very cool, glad you guys are keeping busy and bringing drifting to more people


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        that looks like it was a ton of fun, i want to go play : )

        i'm about to leave for atlanta in a few hours..... maybe i'll see some out of towners out there. there is an npr event at that little track in a week, you guys should come out again.


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          Good lookin' demo.

          But I gotta ask, down on power for that E34 monster has got to be what, 400 - 500 RWHP?


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            uggghh sick as hell.... beemer definately has a steering quickener


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              The event was a big step for drifting in the US. Looks like IRL will be hosting more events with WDC. As far as WDC comes they've been laying low for past year since some of the FD drivers went against them. BUT NOW WDC IS BACK IN FULL FORCE AND WILL BE BIG. WE'VE YET TO BE TREATED THIS PROFESSIONALLY BY ANYBODY AS WDC DID TO US!!!!! ANYTHING THEY DO IN THE FUTURE WILL HAVE OUR 100% BACKING. . THEY ARE ALL ABOUT THE DRIVERS AND GETTING SPONSORS FOR THE DRIVERS.
              To sum it up we all had a great weekend, blown car or not, and I know everyone who took part would like to extend huge thanks to WDC for putting this together and paying for everything throughout the weekend plus being the most professional people that I have had the pleasure of working with in the world of drifting.


              HARRI TERVOLA
              Ter-Tech, inc


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                looks like a great demo. 3 of the cars looked and sounded really good. doug's mustang, blake's 350z, and of course Harri's 5 cylinder beemer. very nice laps harri!


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                  Originally posted by FreeThinker
                  Hard to say, most recent dyno was 420rwhp on the dyno around 4500rpm before it went lean and Harri backed off, rwtq was around 450. With more fuel it prolly would make around 600-650 at 6500revs. Since a dead cylinder also robs power from the power stroke of another cylinder we were prolly around 300-350 rwhp

                  Hehehe, Scandivanian rally prep step-1

                  I also noticed the quick steering, do they make these for 240sx chassis?


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                    Very cool. Wish I could of gone.


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                      Originally posted by slideways2004
                      I also noticed the quick steering, do they make these for 240sx chassis?
                      i used a howe racing stealth HD quickener in my s13.... worked out really well cept for the dead steering feel and by multiplyin by 2 makes it tougher to turn the wheel...but ill take quickness over feel anyday


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                        does anyone know what kind of exhaust is on that white 350z?


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                          straight pipes would be my guess


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                            Originally posted by slideways2004
                            does anyone know what kind of exhaust is on that white 350z?
                            stock pipes with test pipes and I think he ripped the internals from the mufflers not sure tough


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                              dam i wish my e30 sounded like that haha.

                              is the e34 sporting a big 6 m30 or m50?

                              lastly,yea for more bimmer drifter