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  • your drift ride...

    ok, i guess the last time someone posted this it either got lost in the crash or just slowly faded to the dark abyss of anything not on page 1, but lets try again anyway...

    post pictures of your cars. simple, yet extremely awesome.
    please do not lie about your car, if its not yours, dont post it

    post anything you use to drift, dont be embarassed, whether its a buick regal supreme from the 70's, or a awesome FD like Ghost of Duluth's. Post it.
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    its an 88 fc vert...
    nothing big, car

    that pic was taken near wieden on teh CZ/german border...

    car is now in cali, with me
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      My 1976 280Z. Mostly stock, suspension upgrades on the way.
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        arrite another Z driver yeahh hahaha well heres the most recent picture of my car. ill post more if people ask but i doubt that haha so here it is..


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          thats a phat z. I like it. lets see more pics.


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            Here are some pics of my drift car


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              wow cool cars. i love the z cars and great s-13


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                heres mine, one day i want it to look like that beautiful white siliva in the post above.

                man that thing is pretty. i too want a white silvia.. whites the most beautiful color.

                oh yeah and my sticker, lol. do you guys think its ricy or alright? personally i like it.


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                  u guys have some GREAT cars... as for me...


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                    i want to see more pics of that gray Z. if any one wants to see what i drove a few monthes ago in japan check out the site isnt done yet but its coming along. id put some pics on here but i dont know how to really use a computer that well.(im computer retarded).my cars were the white smashed 180sx and the black 180sx. both of them are in car heaven now. and this has nothing to do with this thread but if any one lives in the orlando area e-mail me i dont have no friends yet. i just got here.haha


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                      my car


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                        My car about a year ago.
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                          sweet, an MKIII drifter... thats what im goin for soon when the $$ comes around. how is it sliding that tank?

                          pennyman and drift swift, awesome z's whats ur cardomain site drift swift?


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                            wow i didnt think anyone would wanna see my car but ok..haha that picture with the black wheels is the newest but i have some old pictures with the z31 wheels..but yeah the car is a 71 240z with 280 motor, 82 zx 5 speed, r200 rear end, su carbed with the modified stock airfilter, headers and a magnaflow muffler no cat or resonator..but yeah here you go..

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                              Originally posted by driftmunky
                              how is it sliding that tank?

                              Doesn't feel like it at all. A good Supra comes with nice suspension and a good LSD.