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1990 RX-7 Turbo II (FC3S) Project 010.1

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  • 1990 RX-7 Turbo II (FC3S) Project 010.1

    Well I finally got my turbo II from Oklahoma..Took 3 weeks to get it here but it's all good =)But here is the start of my project car..
    so far i have a these parts in mind.

    1990 TURBO II RX-7 FC3S
    Full RacingBeat 80m Downpipe with Dual RSR cat-back.
    KnightSports FBCD
    Apex SAFC2
    Cusco front strut tower bar and chamber plates.
    JDM FTP lenses
    Non power windows
    17x8 front and 18 x 12 rear wheels
    MESH WHEELS 3piece
    Licence Plate "1990 T2"
    Currently going through rebuild and possibly full paint job
    (stock color),wider body kit(cork sport 30mm front fiberglass fenders and rear fiberglass 50mm fenders, side skirts and rear diffuser,standalone ecu(haltech or microtech),6pt roll cage,fuel cell,upgraded fuel system(In tank Fuel pump,5 liter fuel sump,racing fuel pump with high flow filter,Rising rate fuel regulator),Wheels(17X8 front 18X11 rear),HID lights,Turbo kit,upgraded injectors(550cc\1000cc),FMIC intercooler(Trust 2 row),modified hood,spot welding of the unibody and sunroof,LEXAN rear and side windows,RED racing seat with 5 pt harness driver and passenger,battery relocated behind passenger seat,FD alternator,Upgraded radiator\hoses,larger oil cooler,transmission cooler,underbody panels,coilovers,HKS SSBOV,80mm Exhaust cut out to Test Pipe,stripped out interior\sound material,Polish everything I can possibly polish.More to come.

    Well here some pics of the exhaust going into my car and i am also putting in Yusef's exhaust..

    Soon i will be posting up pictures of the interior swap to lighten up the car...I will visit the scales before i start and will weigh a full tank of gas and me in the car before i start the diet.My goal is to weigh about 2000-2400 lbs when im done.
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    RB exhaust compared to stock
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      another angle of exhause compared to stock and RB
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        Picture of the stock interior..
        I'm parting it out so if anybody is intrested PM me..
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          Picture of the engine bay and the darn ABS that is in the way of my turbo!!Giving me a hard time unbolting the downpipe from the turbo!!
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            Yes It's a Crystal White 1990 TURBO II with Black Leather =))
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              Picture of the rear and the hatch cover..
              Can't believe i got offers over 100 dollars for it even tho it's cracked.
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                80mm Full Exhaust RB duals

                Ok finally It took a total of about 2 hours to take off and put on the RB full exhaust 80mm downpipe to to RSR RB mufflers 3" tips.
                I still have yet to add a FCD (fuel cut defender) to stop the stock computer from cutting off fuel to the motor over 10psi..This would be Bad since it would lean fuel to the rotors causing high tempatures that can blow your seals..I will be taking off My ABS to make more room for work on the turbo..Soon I will be porting the wastegate and adding either a homemade FCD or a aftermarket one.RB says this exhaust adds over 32% - 57 HP on a S4 so I wonder how much on a S5..Mabey up to 65-70 hp more!! is a little bit from the Racing Beat site about this exhaust..

                The Turbo II High Performance Exhaust system incorporates a 3.15-inch (80mm) down pipe from the turbo outlet that mates to a presilencer section. From the head of the Y-pipe two 2.375-inch (60mm) pipes extend to the ceramic wool-packed 409-stainless steel rear main mufflers. The bolt-on exhaust system increases horsepower approximately 32% - a 59 HP increase on a 1987 Turbo II RX-7!

                The Turbo II High Performance Exhaust system reduces exhaust gas back pressure significantly, thereby allowing the un-assisted turbo boost pressure to increase to 10-11 psi. Our Fuel Cut Controller (part No. 11570 or 11571) is required to prevent fuel cutoff to the rear rotor above the factory pre-set limit
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                  Thermostat Mod and Replacement

                  Take a look at what I did to my thermostat..It helps Cool the engine slightly better.Do no Gut out the Thermostat too much or your cooling system will not operate at it's peak cooling temperature..Letting the coolant pass through the radiator too fast won't allow the liquid to cool enough..Also it wont spend enough time in the engine to absorb heat and will cause hot spots on the motor..This is what I did but It just helps slightly..Drilled 2 holes in sides to let a little more flow..
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                    Both My FC's

                    The Black GTUs is for sale and the TURBO II's interior is for sale..
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                      Beautiful, good luck on ur project.

                      How much did it cost btw, if u dont mind.


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                        car cost

                        Well I found this 1990 FC3S in oklahoma as you can see from the plates..
                        $1000 Purchase Price.. =)Plus Shipping on open carrier for $650 total was 1650 to get the car here then i got Reg fees and ect.
                        Not a bad deal for me =)

                        Yes i find deals =)

                        Here is the SAFC2 i got Will install once I stripp out the Interior and Dash from the car..
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                            hey, how would you go about making your own fuel cut defender?


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                              haha wtf u got a FC TII for $1,000?? Is it running? I'm selling my s13 FB soon, looking to get a TII after.Hook me up with one of those deals lol.