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JDM Meet, Drift & Dyno 2010 @ Arecibo, Puerto Rico

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  • JDM Meet, Drift & Dyno 2010 @ Arecibo, Puerto Rico

    JDD - JDM Meet, Drift, & Dyno. Febuary 7, 2010 @ Arecibo Motorsports, Puerto Rico.

    Here's my second shot at making a promocional video!

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    Sweet vid, awesome drift cars and hot girls.


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      thnx! Drifting is growing rapidly in PR now!!!


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        NICE To bad is all the way in Puerto Rico!!!


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          It's not as big of a space like the one in Carolina, PR that the government just closed to make a hotel and a golf course :'( Well those are the rumors! I really hope they r restoring the place!


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            what part of arecibo was that meet taken from arecibo from barrio los canos or tanama. on rt 10.i wish i could be part of that drift evolution in currently living in New Orleans.keep it up Pa.


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              Arecibo motorsports is off exit 71 if ur coming from San Juan towards Mayaguez then at the exit take a right until u reach the beach where u either go left or right, u go left until u get to the Islote exit take it and the track entrance is literaly a segond after the exit!
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                i know exacly where it is at is by the gallera if im not mom lives in Bo.boca in barceloneta so you know you travel that way for my moms crib to i said keep it up bra.


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                  Well unfortunately the date was canceled do to the fact that a non motorsport bigger event/concert happened the same day. As soon as the organizers and track owner set a date I'll update the info and video!!!

                  Thanx for the support guys!!!