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my favorite wintersport

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  • my favorite wintersport

    I woke up a friend of mine 5 oclock in the morning to have him take the picture.
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    SICK suzuki!


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      turn in
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        hehehe thats cool man


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          Hey, that's my favorite winter sport too! What a small world.

          I love the black line over the eyes, lol.

          Nice pics.


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            is that a cappachino? ive played ID in that car. its like a miata. sooo nice.


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              this is called SUZUKI X-90.
              it shares the chasis and most components with sidekicks.
              the car is part time 4WD with manualy selectable transfer.
              and I was doing this with 4WD.

              cappccis are nice. it's good it's cheap to own even in Japan.
              but the car itself is expensive, if it's in good condition.

              >black line
              just in case anyone in my university finds out the pic!
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                more picture

                sorry for the fuzzy image
                this is turn in of an S-bend at the end of the back stretch that turns into left and exits to right.
                I used feint motion to do this.
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                  Here is my 4WD Talon at the Studs on Ice event, somewhere in northern NY (on a huge lake in the middle of nowhere). On the back sweeping straight I could hit 85 mph(complete opposite lock in 4th gear, it was sweet), the winning 400hp 20V Turbo Quattro Group A rallycar hit 94 with spikes.


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                    Is the Sizuki X-90 the same as the Aerio? (same car?)

                    The Aerio weights in at 2805 lbs, 15lbs less than the Subaru Impreza, and is 4wd. Nice little car if the engine has enough spunk to make use of the 4wd.
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                      looks nice place. is that your website? and are you a professional photographer?
                      the video is awesome.

                      >Drift for food
                      no they are 2 totaly differnt cars. Aerio is a FF based car and
                      X-90 is a truck based coupe.
                      they put a 2seater coupe body onto truck chasis to make it look like a sportscar.
                      2seater body on this chasis

                      speaking of aerio,
                      do you know this project?


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                        That is my website but I am not currently photographing full time. I am the technician for a shop in Boston called Auto Design Haus. I am hoping to one day work as a prof. photographer and I do as much prof. work now as my time will allow but I will put more time into that in a few years. Nice shot by your friend by the way.


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                          I still haven't seen them all,
                          but I have to say I really really love your works.
                          you know, I buy lot of WRC related magazines,
                          but I haven't seen any like these.
                          I wish you could cover the entire season!
                          and we are born in the same year. I though you are
                          much older. they look mature.

                          BTW, taking such a good ones, the friend still doesn't
                          interested in photography nor drifting. can't believe!
                          I wish I could drift and shoot it at the same time
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                            cool. hey i was watching one channel, i forgot which one, they were showing this racing in quebec or some place in canada, they race in the snow with 4wd cars, it's was all drifting. it was soo nice. there were pros like f1 drivers, i think. anyway niiiiccccee!


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                              thank you all for your comments.
                              but I'm so sad because winter is over.