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2nd round of the Dutch Drift Series

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  • 2nd round of the Dutch Drift Series

    Here are some shot that are made in Den Haag (Holland) of the 2nd round of the Dutch National Championship.

    An Opel Manta powered bij a 3.2 liter straight 6 of an E36 M3

    Nissan 350Z with an 5.7 liter Corvette LS3 engine

    An BMW E34 M5 powerd by a 5.0 liter V8 of an E39 M5

    More to see on Facebook or Flickr

    Tips and comments are welcome

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    Very nice to see new drift chassis like the Opel. Is there any youtube videos of the event?


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      Haha but the drifting competition in Holland is not so popular. Most of the teams aint have the money to build a car like the 350z or the Falken BMW's.

      But a new organisatie took it all over and I hope (with some new big sponsors) drifting will be more popular here in Holland.

      Here are some vids you asked about:

      Ps. when the E34 drives by ... the ground is shaking (sick) !