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E36 RB25 Bangkok street car

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  • E36 RB25 Bangkok street car

    So i live in Bangkok and this is my daily D, trying not to touch this one again until the my E30 comes to life.
    Blog post with a few more pictures and story here: E36-RB25 swap

    RB25det engine/transmission swap (custom mounts/oil pan)
    VE dual pass radiator
    VE coolant swirl pot
    2.5 Aluminum intercooler pipes (Brewed Fabricated)
    GT-R intercooler with modified end tanks
    VE Intake manifold (forward facing TB and raised velocity stacks)
    Stock exhaust manifold/turbo with external wastegate (funky EWG setup came with the engine) **future VE twin scroll manifold with Borg Warner FMW 62mm turbo**
    3 exhaust, 1 muffler with dual 3 VE Y pipe axle back
    AEM methanol/ethanol 320lph pump
    AEM V2 ems 30-6620
    Flex fuel sensor kit
    4 piston toyota calipers (front)
    2 piston r32 calipers (rear)
    Bilstein front struts/lowering springs
    BC rear Coilovers

    Over all fun car to drive real nice on the highway. Very much looking to get the FMW S362 and VE manifold in the car but must finish E30 first. Roads here range from good to ...... some nicely valved Fortune Auto coils would be quite helpful.

    E36 of course rocks full interior, stereo, AC, etc. and with 250-320 HP (depending on fuel available) scoots along quite nice and actually gets decent fuel economy at 10 KPL city and 11.5 KPL highway.

    More details and pics here: RB swapped BMW E36

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    Still a good amount of room to go wider with a bit more fender rolling love!