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AE86 Meet in Chatan, Okinawa***PICS***

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  • AE86 Meet in Chatan, Okinawa***PICS***

    ---Last night Quick Magazine held a AE86 meet in the Chatan Jusco parking lot. met alot of cool people saw alot of nice cars, too many AE86's to count, they were everywhere. they took pictures of our cars and wrote down our mods. pics will be in their next issue.

    -My car looking dirty, because i didn't have time to clean it up after the typhoon

    -Kinjo's totally restored supercharged Levin(more pics of his car comin soon)

    -tons of ae86's

    -more AE86's

    more pics posted throughout our site


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    Da Powa

    What is the normal hp, tq coming out of a tuned AE86, and what is "big power" in one....?


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      lol big power is the stuff comin out of the 2 AE86's that have 2JZGTE engines in them...forget who owns (it's a company) them though. But those are great pics


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        Re: Da Powa

        Originally posted by Big Driften
        What is the normal hp, tq coming out of a tuned AE86, and what is "big power" in one....?
        normal out of a tuned ae86? uhhh. who? u can search for stock hp and tq figures.

        big power in one? hp is only limited by your wallet weight.


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          shut, I guess I missed it, I didnt hear about it at all, why dont you shoot me a messagewhen the next hot thing happends on the rock, after the typhoon I put my silvia up for sale, its been boring on island lately.


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            i just realized I saw you guys drift by the sea kinser a couple of weekends ago, I didnt drift that time I was driving my girls markII. GOOD JOB ON THE TEAM MAN, I LIKE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE.


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              s-14drifter, yeah we usually go out every weekend and sometimes during the week. i've been working the weekend shifts so i go out mainly in the middle of the week. i didn't find out about the 86 meet till an hour before, wish i had time to clean up a little, the photographer was crawling all around my car taking pictures while the interviewer asked me about my mods, haha. it was fun. pics should be out in the next "Quick! magazine"



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                Supercharged? I gotta see this.


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                  thats a nice levin..awesome color


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                    hey chris...did u get to pick to go to okinawa after u joined the marines(im guessing cuz oki has thousands of marines there)..cuz the only reason i want to join the military is to come back to yokota or something...but hopefully not goin to okinawa either in spring or next christmas...i dont wanna be stationed in turkey...or somethin
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