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  • My FD[/URL]

    Here it is. My car. Hope this works.
    Yes that is an Initial D sticker on it. Had to.

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      Nice, what kinda seats are those


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        nice nice. get rid of the ID sticker and it'll be sick as all fcuk


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          It's just a drivers seat. It's a NEX seat I picked up at the pawn shop for 30 bucks with tracks and an RCI belt system on it.
          Got rid of the seat though. have a set of Cobras in there now. Still use the RCI belt on the drivers side and a Sparco on the pass side. I am captain thrifty when it comes to stuff. Picked up my Cobras for 150 for both. they are custome covered in leather (don't care bout that) but they are nice. Wish I had a pair of the Nex ones. 14 lbs and comfortable as all get out.

          I love my ID sticker. Had that on there since before it was released in english. Saw all 52 episodes, special stages and the movie before I put that sticker on there. All in Japanese baby. The only way to fly.


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            ID is sick.


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              sick ride. Makes me want one. I also watched all the initial D's before they came out in english. Thank goodness for Kazaa. I love that show, its just entertaining.


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                i also watched that "anime" heheh...back in the day, mIRC saved my life from what i could have been...heheh, bit torrents great to oh and kazaa has em of course now since the animes licensed in the US XD

                sick car dude i love it, looks very original, nice style job on the sliding sign love it dude


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                  Thanks everyone. It's still a work in progress. One never finishes ones car I think.

                  Sobe you live in Atlanta, go to Bruces comics downtown. It's right down the street from where Formula one used to be if you remember that. Old Lambo dealer. I think it's Piedmont right there near AIU Buckhead. They got all the Initial D's and like 5 million Animes for rent. Thats where I got mine. Watched second stage while driving to Tenn one weekend. Hard as hell watching a subtitled movie on a 5 inch LCD.

                  But you can rent em all there. Great place too. Got my keychains there.

                  I also added my other rides on there as well. I'll try and post pics of some of my past cars. My brother and I have been into cars since we were 14. I've had 56 and he's had about 102. We bought and sold em for a while, but mostly we'd get one, drive it and sell it or trade it. This is my 2nd third gen, 4 first gens, RX4, Rotary pickup, 2 240z's, 4 Mustangs, a Harley Chopper, got a BMW R60 right now to ride, 66 911 with 67 S motor., and a bunch more. If I had all the money I wasted on cars, i'd be living in Japan right now with an R34.

                  How sad.

                  You can check his car out at Brothers site and shop.

                  He does alot for the 240sx's. His should be ready for the mountains this weekend. We put his RB20 back in this past weekend. It's a nice one. Couple photos of it on there. If you need anything let him or me know.
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