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  • Drift Runs (vid)

    Perhaps you have all seen it or it is a repost, in which case I will delete this, but here is some video of some touge runs, no audio.

    if it asks you to signin, you can use my friends account, drift_86, password is hachiroku

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    o0oooo.....nice vid....too bad there's no sound, i bet i would of heard "haha!" when ur friend hit the cliff


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      You have any more videos like this? pretty good. Wish i had roads like that around here. Stupid IL.


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        he's not in that vid, nor does he know the people who are.

        I believe that is the Pink Godzira guys. They are on here someone will pipe up sooner or later.


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          That's my vision of the perfect drift spot. No people, no traffic, wide, with room for high speed sliding. I've seen it before on Dots 2 or something but still really cool.


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            Haha. Whoa re those guys?! LOL. I am the one in the silver Onevia (240sx coupe) usually running in #2 position).

            That day's footage (from various angles) should be high quality of course and with full sound on Drift Society 2.

            Oh and the thing about no traffic. Nah, we didn't drift in the middle of traffic, thats for sure but there were plenty of cars travelling the road. We just kept radios and had a couple of lookouts at each end. It was safe for everyone you could see well down the road.


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              Ya i should've specified that wasn't me


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                damint i cant see it and pg i luv ur car man lol just wanna give u props on a job well done


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                  hey dude in the onevia you rock sweet car too


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                    OMG i want to touch that onevia.
                    oooo gah gah it's so hot,
                    goo goooo ca ca biggles and bagels!

                    that day was so long and ridiculous.
                    remind me why i dont have AC in my car?


                    • #11
                      Blue Dragon, Drift Matic....

                      Thanks, I appreciate it. That was a fun day.

                      BlueDragon, I'll let you know when i stumble on money and can give my car away for checp. Heh.

                      Brian, remind me why you have a huge dent in your rear bumper?


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                        haha i hope mike got it on video.

                        it seems like when i loan my car to people, they seem to crash it or break something....


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                          nice!!!........ i got a onevia too, but not driving skills like that!!!


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                            Here is the 240sx after the crash. Not as bad as I thought it was, but the muffler sure looks "cool"


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                              man your angles seem to be pretty good, entry speed seems to be about 70mph (throw me a bone)

                              u guys have skills its nice to see people not hit each other (sorry about that mt lol)

                              you guys should come to the east hint hint ahha jk ncie cars you all