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  • 1033bhp vid

    Sooo - You guys lika powerful cars ?

    How about an BMW E34 m5 T U R B O, with 1 0 3 3 HP

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    Jesus! Great one... I love the way those Beemers sound. Isn't the VS Motor one of the best tuners in Scandinavia? I've seen some of their cars and I was really impressed... Imagine a car going in the 4th gear and sliding all the way on the road. Gosh. The car would be a definite winner in a 1/4mile drifting competition.


    Here in Poland (that's is the neighbouhood of Germany, and it's NOT in Russia for all you US guys) there's a BMW E30 coupe project car with a 3.8 M5 engine and a turbo so large that it sticks out over the hood. I suppose it'll hit 850hp or so... What might be quite pessimistic, considering the turbo's size. It looks like...

    ...this. I don't like the styling, but that's just my 2 cents - anybody can have a different opinion about it.

    I think that the guys over here are forgetting about the most important thing, and that is to transfer all that power to the ground. As we don't have any dragstrips (holy shxt, why didn't I move from here yet?!) our races have to be organised at airfields, which are, erm, terrible. Imagine that a 1000HP T88h-powered Supra makes low 12 seconds... And it should make low 10's at least. At a dragstrip like in Sweden.

    Hey, who wants to donate us? Let's build a nice strip. That'll make us more civilized than entering the European Union (what we did in May). Shxt.
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      That is some serious isht.

      Hop across the pond. New England Dragway is 15 minutes from my front door


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        hey man im from poland to never saw anything quite like that last time I was there.

        the pipe sticking out on the bottom left corner neer the intercooler what is that?
        is that like the waste gate venting outside?


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            I've always had a thing for Bimmers. That intercooler is huge. I'll bet that guy prays he dosn't hit a curb or something.


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              Tighty_wh1tey, nice to see some countrymen around here The pipe you wrote about is indeed a wastegate. Hope you come back here sometime - we have the fastest Audi S4 in the world man! My dad knows the guy who stands behind the whole tuning process of that BMW and the S4. I NEED to meet him! He's made a 4x4 conversion in an Audi A3 and modded it to around 500hp+ w/150 nitous shot. His next project car is a GMC Typhoon + 6.5liter Vette engine + giant twin turbos + TNT programmable nitrous shot. It's planned to reach 1300hp...

              Gouki, I know, that intercooler's huge... It looks like it's even bigger than most of the semi truck units. LOL


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                no kidding!! that intercooler IS bigger than stock on semi trucks... my dad drives a 95 international turbo diesel and its about 3/4 the size of that thing... i must be sad... the intercooler on his truck was the first one i got to touch... i need to get out of this freakin rice burner NA honda town, and fast


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                  nice to see polish license plate heh



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                    Holie crap that M5 is awesome, that guy must have a lot of money. My dad has an M5 and it's not that easy to drift. It has recerculating ball steering, so it's really tough to keep in a straight line, there's a lot of play. Also the clutch and the shifter are really stiff. I've done cookies in my dad's car a few times though.

                    I haven't seen that M3 before. Man that thing must be fast with a turbo S38!! What wheels are those? Are they off the new E60s or something?


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                      CLICK HERE FOR ANOTHER/gallery


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                        I've seen the black E30 with the M3 fenders before, that car is crazy. They make some really fast cars there.


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                            jeeeesus!! thats one powerful machine and one good driver!!


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                              Man you europeans and you're BMWs... makes me want to move just so I can be around people who love these E30's and E34's as much as I do. I mean in the States, if you want a fast car that no cop will ever pull you over in, you get the E30M3 or E34M5.. it's one of those moments you don't know if you should be laughing or crying.