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2k to spend... limited options

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  • SidewaysGts
    I wouldnt suggest a 86 for 2k at all unless you really know what to look for. If 2k is all you have it simply isnt enough, youll be spendign a lot on repairs for it.

    A good 86 with minimal/no problems will run you aroudn 3k easily.

    Im not into 240s so i cant comment there.

    Within a 2k price range the cars i would suggest are the Mk1 Mr2 (the aw11). A good NA one can be picked up with nothing wrong with it for abou 1500 bucks giving you a few hundred to mod.

    The other would be an NA S4 Fc (86-88 i believe). You wont find one in perfect condition but you should be able to fin a decently running one for around 1500-2000 very easily also with nothing wrong with it. A great na s5 will run you close to 3k, but in that case you could get the 86.

    You really need to consider the condition of the car when buying it; just becuase you have the car and got it for cheap doesnt mean youll save money, youll end up spending more money in parts and fixing it and the "down time" while doing it.

    Id save up another grand or so and get an 86 personally I love mine hope this helped some.

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  • GRiDRaceTech
    The Z31 is a pig. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone to drift. It's just too heavy and the aftermarket is limited. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did in Nissan's lineup.

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  • kairles
    don't forget the Z31(84-89 300zx) cheap RWD and very driftable and turbo models have LSD I have a 2+2 and its fun to drift it and beat up on it that why mine has a burnt clutch the stock one doesn't like 5000rpm dumps or shifts to much

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  • Team503
    What Ris said.

    Other options for under two grand:

    Classic 240Z (wil probably need work)
    Non-turbo MR2 (not really worth it)
    Mk1 MR2 (get the supercharged version)
    FC3S (2nd gen RX-7, but get it compression tested first)

    There's not a ton of cars in that range that are RWD and relatively lightweight.

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  • Ris4drift
    be patient when looking.

    if your looking for a 240

    look for rust
    look for a stock one, perferably some old lady who has jiffy lube change her oil and nissan do all repairs.
    get a stick. dont buy an auto to do an auto-manual conversion when you can be patient find the right one thats a stick.

    also if possible you are near canada. try to find a canadian model, all of those came with a limited slip rear end.

    make sure there are no oil leaks. and if you dont wanna change the timing chain tensioners stay away from 240s with a knocking sound coming from the valvecover.

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  • chnchapters
    started a topic 2k to spend... limited options

    2k to spend... limited options

    Im 17, and looking for my second car. My first car was a Mercury Cougar that I hated. The only reason I'm getting a new car though is because it died on me. The front axle snapped along with both ball joints. The only thing good about the car was it was RWD and fun to mess around in.

    I've been interested in drifting for a while now, and wanted to get a decent drift car. I only have roughly two grand to spend, and don't know what to get. I was looking at 240s and AE86s but I can't really find any. Does anyone know where to look, or if they have seen any around?

    I live in Michigan, and there's nothing around here. I'll probably have to go for a drive to get one or pay for shipping.
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