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a good car for a begginer. plz help

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  • a good car for a begginer. plz help


    i am 13 years old and u guys might think wait till you can drive. well i already know how to drive and i have liked drifting since i was about 8 years old.

    i will be working all summer untill 16 to get a car and my parents will help me.

    i have watched videos how to drift and everything.

    but i dont know wat car to get. i have been thinking about a 2005 lexus IS300. i dont know if they are super exspensive. they are about 18 thousand right now. but by the time im 16 they shud be cheaper.

    can u guys plz help my i would be very thankful ty


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    Well I do want to say one thing, and don't take this the wrong way. You don't know jack about driving untill you've been on the road for a few years. You my know how to operate a car, but there's a whole lot more to knowing how to drive.

    Now I'm not sayin this to try and burst your bubble, but more in encouragemen to spend time just driving at first and don't even think about drifting 'till you have some serious experience.

    And when you do start getting to the confidence level to start racing or drifting, take it to a track day. Take it from someone who's done over 2 grand worth of damage to his own personal cars, and I've been lucky.

    Now for a good first car, I recommend something reliable, safe, but also handles halfway decent. I recommend if you want a RWD, an S13 or S14 240sx. Only if you can get one completely stock and un-molested. A miata is a great choice as well.

    If you don't mind a FWD, take a look at the early 90's corolla's. The AE92's have superb engines, and if you're fortunate enough to find a 20 valve, one of the best 4 cylinders made in the 90's IMO.

    Keep in mind these are only suggestions. There are a lot of great cars to choose from, these just happen to be among my favorites.

    What ever you get, keep it stock for a while. You want to get used to a vehicle and get to know it before you go and start modifying it.
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      With an FWD, you can learn "dynamic drifting" or high speed sliding, with limited driver input.


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        NOT a beginner technique. This requires heavy weight shift at high speeds. Without proper practice and a safe environment, trying this at a begginer stage is a recipe for disaster.

        Just focus on becoming a good driver first.


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          If you're gonna have that kind of money. Get something cheap that you can run into the ground and then something else you can drive everyday.

          If not maybe look into a BMW 3-series or something. Maybe even an early 350z.


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            nissan 240


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              IS300's are cheap now you can find them for about 10 grand just swap a 2JZ supra motor/transmission into it.