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How much will a day of drifting cost?

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  • How much will a day of drifting cost?

    im talking about tires, lessons the whole thing how much does it cost for a whole day of it?

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    First, do not spend money on tires, just take old tire which are not good anymore for the street but are still okay. This way you will keep your money for the rest.
    Maintenance will be the biggest cost. (You will use suspension parts faster, You will probably want to upgrade your car, you may miss a drift an break somthing, ect.) Entrance to an event will cost you about 20-100$US depending on the event and your location... Your gas, I usually burn half of a tank for a day, but it all depend on the car.

    Personally I spend 100-150$ per event if I don't count the maintenance because I go to the cheap events. But it will only depend on you.