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Will this car work for drifting?

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  • Will this car work for drifting?

    I have a 2000 Honda S2000 and am wanting to start getting into drifting. I mess around every once in awhile in church parking lots and whenever it's raining and easy to drift (this car has no torque), but I would like to start getting more serious about it. Before throwing money into this car.. I would like to know if it will be good for drifting with either a new engine or just a turbo, and obviously a lot more mods. If not, I will sell it and buy an S14 and end up with enough money for a full engine swap straight up. I absolutely love my S2000 and I would only trade it for a handful of high end cars. So, will this car work for drifting or is there no hope for it? Yes, I'm willing to make big changes. Please provide extremely detailed answers. Links to other websites on this topic are welcome. Thank you very much in advance!