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  • 180sx and 240sx

    how can i tell the difference???
    I'm confused..
    What is a 240sx or a 180sx with a s15 front end called?
    I'm just wondering because I'm tuning this manga car..right now its a 180sx with a s15 front end...could it be a 240sx with a S15 front end?Plz tell me..thx
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    one is JDM/ADM = 180sx the other is USDM = 240sx

    180 has a sr20
    240 has a ka18 or ca18


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      Hmm thx..I think i know you from MCF right?im Sil80drifter


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        Originally posted by chadv1
        one is JDM/ADM = 180sx the other is USDM = 240sx

        180 has a sr20
        240 has a ka18 or ca18
        wrong.... 180 comes equipped with a Ca18 or SR20
        240 comes equipped with a KA


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          in aus we don't get ca18 equipped 180's we get em sr20'd, and i don't know much about us cars so yeah i thought i made a mistake, thanks for correcting me

          and yeah sil80drifter im from MCF


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            oh...well yeah in Austrailia its different haha but no problem.


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              USDM comes with ka24s


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                ok thx guys..


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                  chad v sorry but your wrong once again, australia does have ca18 equiped 180's all the way up to 1990 then it goes sr20s.

                  ok, well if it is a 180sx with an s15 nose, it is called a one-via
                  (one /eighty, sil/ via) now because it is a 240sx (being american) i wouldnt know if it has a technically different name so sorry, but still i think it would still be onevia.


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                    a 180sx with an s15 front end isnt a onevia..thats an s13 with a 180sx front end such as the coupe 240sxs' so that name wouldnt be right.

                    just say "180sx with an s15 front end conversion" or s1580 or somethin

                    although whats up with the strawberry face term? im confused if thats the s1580 or not


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                      what does JDM,ADM,and USDM stand for???


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                        no actually, a 180 with silvia front is onvia, silvia rear with a 180 front is sil80.

                        But yes that is for s13 models. So technically you do have a strawberry faced 180.

                        ohh and JDM and adm and all that are lke where the model is disgned for, J=Japan something or rather A= Australia and US= United States, DM i think is domestic market but im not sure so ill leave that up to someone else to have a crack at!


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                          oh boy...
                          usually its like this:

                          silvia(front) + 180sx (body) = sil80

                          180sx front + silvia (body) = onevia
                          onevias can be done with s15s...some s15s have the 180sx popups and personally i think it looks sweet. the american hs13 240sxs were already onevias, but the jdm ones were normal silvias. i guess you could do it to an s14 but i havent seen it done yet

                          USDM = united states domestic market
                          JDM = japanese domestic market
                          ADM = australian? domestic market


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                            I swear our forum is filled with idiots! VFR-600 especially you!

                            180 rear and S13 front = sileighty
                            s13 rear and 180 front = onevia in JP & AU, 240sx coupe in US
                            180 rear and s14 front = sileighty (everywhere)
                            s14 rear and 180 front = onevia (everywhere)
                            180 rear and s15 front = sil1580, sileighty, s1580 ANY OF THOSE
                            s15 rear and 180 front = onevia (AU & JP since US didnt get s15)


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                              SORRY for getting mad but its just so frustrating.........