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  • Ae86 Lsd

    hey..I got a AE86 hatch back...

    and I wonder what LSD i should buy and the approximative price ?
    like what brand and in the dirft bible, i saw it was from TRD....any prices?


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    Depends how new you are to drifting?

    If your new- and the 86 has the stock lsd, leave it and learn with that.

    For new commers to drifting learning on a 1.5 way lsd is much easier then using a 2-way.


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      yeah..very new...

      but still i'd like to know to start saving my money...the 2 way LSD it from TRD? and the price ?



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        Well if your new i highly reccomend a 1.5 then.

        Do you know the differences between a 1 way 1.5 way and 2 way?

        Anyways, dont be hell bent on TRD- many people are highly fond of the cusco lsd. As for how much, not sure. 4-500 bucks is what ive heard but ive never looked into it.


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          no i dont know diference between 1.5 and 2.

          and did you wrote 4.5k (4500$) or from 4 to 500 $ ?


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            $600 for TRD 1.5 or 2 way LSD from


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              4-500 bucks. Trd is known to be pretty good but over priced lol.


              1 way applies equal power only under acceleration.

              1.5 way applies equal power on acceleration, and half power to the inner wheel on deceleration (the .5)

              2 way applies equal power on both acceleration and deceleration.

              the 2 way is considered best for drifting for an obvious reason: but it also causes understeer on exit where the 1.5 would make the exits easier to pull off. You need to know how to make your vehicle drift all the way through the corner pretty good to make ful use of a 2-way, not saying its not impossible for someone new to learn on, jsut saying itd be harder to learn on compared to a 1.5 way.