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    Hey I'm new to this forum. I'm Looking for full list of drift cars Common ones and alot of uncommon ones because i'm a 3D modeler and I want to make all of the drift cars (or many) so when people play they will have a big variety and also realistic tuning and handeling so if you have a list please post it here.

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    ahem.... that would be a big list, how about someone concentrates on 1 type of brand and another person on another type of brand. As for me, im going to go get my spagetti on.


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      THE LIST:

      any rear wheel drive car. any front wheel drive car if you're into a** dragging. any four wheel drive car if you have enough power to keep all four wheels spinning.

      that is the all-inclusive list.


      some popular cheaper cars include:

      Toyota Corolla (AE86, AE92 [i think])
      Nissan 240 SX (S13, S14)
      Mazda RX7 (FC3S)
      Camaro (not as popular, but still a good, cheap drifter)

      more expensive ones:

      Mazda RX7 (FD3S)
      Toyota Supra (JZA80, I think)
      Nissan 350Z
      Toyota Soarer/Lexus SC300 or SC400
      Toyota Chaser (Japan only, unless there's a Lexus derivative I don't know of)
      Toyota Altezza/Lexus IS200 or IS300

      some possible good ones that aren't popular for some reason:

      80's BMW 3 series
      Mitsubishi Starion
      older Toyota Celica/Supra
      Toyota MR2 (hard to drift...)
      Porsche 944 (apparently hard to maintain, and expensive too... FC3S would be a better choice)
      GM Chevette (I think those things were rear wheel drive... I know the ones in the UK made wicked little rally cars...)

      Just search out cars that are rear wheel drive, and that should give you a good selection of possible drifters.


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        about your list, e30 is very popular in europe.


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          The AE92 is FF


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            yeah, I wasn't sure if the AE92 was FF only... I thought it was just the shorter roofed coupe, because I saw a few D1 cars in pictures with AE92 as a filename. Scratch that one if it is FF then....


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              thank you malcolm, this will get me started


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                So you are making a drifting game? That would be hella phat, but dont do none of this SRS unlocking cars that you can afford bulltish, and dont make them so freakin expensive (and 86 is more than a 2k4 MR2?????)


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                  ok so me and my friend devided the cars, is there anymore that people want to add?


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                    this better not be the drifting equivalent of "pong"....


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                      3rd gen Camaro


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                        no were not making a full game just a mod for the game racer. Were gonna make a ton of cars and tracks then start a league.


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                          What about the 1982-1985 2.4L turbo Mustang SVO. It's lighter than it's 5.0 brother, it's rear wheel drive, 4 wheel disc brakes and independent suspension on all 4. It's the best handeling Mustang of all time and it has decent power at 210hp.

                          I've wanted one realy bad cause I love the fox body mustangs but I decided to go for the 240sx instead.


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                            Renault R5, not so much as a drifter but cool as a mug! Also get the SHO-GUN, its a Ford Festiva with a Ford Taurus SHO engine that was made by Yamaha and Ford, its got about 200HP and its MR, its small light weight, a beast in lamest terms.


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                              What about the 300zxtt? Its not a popular drift car. But with mods it can drift.