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Best Friends Rx-7 Stolen

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  • Best Friends Rx-7 Stolen

    Please be on the lookout for his car. He has soo much time and money into it. here is the thread with pictures. Please help in the arrest of the thief. Please look here to see the pictures

    Thank you guys

    P.S the reward was just upped to about $4000!!!!!

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    Thats a real shame dude, its a nice car.

    I bet wat will happen, they will take everything out of it, dump the shell and do an engine conversion on another car.

    I hope u catch the F*ckers man, peopl who put work into there car don't deserve it taken away.


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      i read that thread in the link.....

      PLZ SOMEBODY HELP THIS DUDE!!! everybody read that thread in the link and keep your eyes out. i wish i could help but i live in texas. everyone from cali plz help this guy find these lowlife thiefs. i hope they get punished for what they did. i pray to God you find it Dave, and i hope you do. Goodluck....sorry to hear this. my feelings go out to you