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  • Drifting fast & the furious 3

    lets face it, the fast and the furious 3 WILL be coming, WILL include drifting, and we all WILL hate it all the way to the box office (just to beable to present an edjucated unbaised opinion, not for entertainment value). with that degree of acceptance what do guys think it should include to make it not suck so much. automotive wise.

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    ill start it off with real cars, and real drivers.


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      they should make another movie that is more true than that even though it would suck at least we could compare it


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        There's a good chance that it will actually be in japan I'd bet...

        I don't think it will any good either way. I went to the movies the night the last movie came out and it was like some kind of mini car show it the parking lot. some guy had a riced out 2nd gen supra with 400 horse. every thing else was civics.

        No I'm not trashing civics thank you very much, that's just all there was.


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          Touge, and respect for other drivers. Let's not drag that wannabe punk-a$$ L.A street racing attitude to the mountain/drifting.


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            DriftXtreme told us it was going to be shot in Japan we allready talked about this. Since theres a complete thread on it, I'll go again.

            Hollywood hardly ever keeps things realistic and entertaining. The first thing they're going to do is Americanize it. Second they're going to try to interpret it into what they THINK IT SHOULD be. This means it'll be most likely be a misrepresent of the import and drifting scene and spawn nothing but misconceptions about the sport. I am almost confident that what ever they do will stereotype drifting so bad we as drifters will get a bad name for doing what we love.

            I really don't want to see a bunch of 16 year old kids trying to drift, getting killed and getting laws passed to outlaw drifting and things associated with it.. Thats not what we need.

            What should be in it? Mountain passes, night drifting, circuit drifting.. Differentiating between streetracing and drifting would be good since a billion n00bs will be watching it. They should also consult with drifting experts so they won't create any misconceptions about the sport. They should emphasize that you should not try to learn how to drift on the street and show an example of what can happen if you do.

            Now for what should not be in it. They really need to shake that rice sh!t, it has no place in drifting as it only adds weight. They also should not show ff drifting.. Real drivers do give a damn about FF, Chas even says so.. They should not show drifting in traffic. Another thing that would be bad would be involving crime with drifting like they did with streetracing.


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              It gonna be shot in japan I didn't know that. I hope that part 3 is not gonna be like part 2 which is all about cops and not about the car or street race.


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                ooooh no...... this is the 3rd time ive had to say that about this movie..... even the director doesnt know *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* about cars.... i was watchn a clip of him talkn about him plaing GT3 and lookn at the cars they have soo they can get a idea of what to use...then he gets a stupid ricer advisor to help him.... since theres a new director once the 2nd movie was created you can see that the new director even pushed the limit of the word " RICE "


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                  I hope they take note from shuto kousoku. by the way if you do research you probably could find some crime surrounding japanese drifting. not every kid in osaka wit an fr has sponsers. Also it looked like traffic to me in that trailer for jdm insider 2.


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                    First off they need to not use John Singleton next time around. He couldn't cut it. John Singleton is a good director but he's not a car enthusiast. A movie about cars needs a car enthusiast for a director and neither of Singleton or the other guy were that.
                    Hiring Craig Leiberman was a mistake just look at his R34, fukin rice. Hiring RJ Devera was a waste of money, so what if he has a buncha cool cars? His character wasn't needed. Exaggerating streetracing was retarded. Actual streetracing looks alot better when filmed well.

                    I can just see it now, it'll be about the Yakuza using tuning shops to launder money and using drifing as fronts. Brian Spilner will be trying to get a job with some high level govt. agency and be given a mission to stake out the "bad guys".. Typical American movie.. Never ceasing to amuse yet lacking substance and meaning. $50 says this will be yet another episode of rice...

                    Is it just me or does the title, "The Fast And The Furious" Sound like a ricer soap opera?


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                      I agree with so many things said in this thread. But I disagree that it should be made realistic. You say the cars are riced. But in the movie. They have the power to back it up. I dont care if you spend 15Gs on an abflug body kit as long as you have the power to back it up. I am not a hater of rice. You cant eat rice without beef. But if eating beef without rice....thats just not japanese anymore. I am all about boro style but I wouldnt want to see it on the big screen. So Im cool as long as they keep it entertaining. More realistic with the driving and mods, but keep the style. Yeah the eliteness of the charcters get on my nerves. Not that much, but i agree.


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                        i got a good one. make sure paul walker isnt even in the same country as the shooting of the movie.


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                          I can careless about the cars now. They killed all of that already. They have a parts line called fast and the furious?!? thats just rediculous. They should have it with street bikes and street racing, kinda like highway battles and all that fun stuff. Yakuza and everything up in that mofo. Some really entertaining, even if the cars have neons.


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                            no *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*ing way!!!

                            men if something like that happens ill desagree with everyone who like the idea thet drifting will be on mo foo movies that are *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* they dont even know how to tune cars..

                            that wouldnt be cool...

                            couse i dont know i think that drift is an underground movement so i wouldnt like the idea of see drifting on hollywood movies like that...


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                              Ok. I think that first post was about real drivers. Now I don't know what you mean by real drivers. You can mean real name drivers or people that can really drive. But the Stuntmen that drive those cars for the movies are some bada s s mofo's. I know some Stuntdrivers personally and they are no joke. I assistant teach precision driving 2 times a year with one of the best. Steve Buckley.
                              Now if you meant real named drivers, can't help you there.

                              Now on to the rest. What you guy's don't understand is the way movies are made and the reasoning behind them. Movies are made to make money, plain and simple. They are not made for people to go "Wow that was a really accurate Skyline" they are made to make money and they will cut whatever corner they can to make that bottom line. I have been on numerous movie sets and they are like a well oiled machine. Everyone does what they are supposed to and if you don't, and you lose someone money, you are gone and gone fast! They could care less what the Drifting community thinks about the movie because we arae too small a percentage to matter. The movie is aimed at the Ricers. It will always be aimed at the Ricers. They will put Drifting in it to try and draw a wider audience and because it is hot right now. It is the in thing. The now thing.

                              Now take into account that they have to have a storyline. That's where you get the cops, cause someone has to chase the Drifters so they can pull some insanely impossible trick to get away. Then you get the Drifting on the street. Why? Because it just isn't cool in their eyes to be drifting in a parking lot. You have to do it in the middle of Tokyo. Plus the cool lead actor has to be a bada s s so he has to fight. There you ge the violence that makes everyone of the God fearing folk think that everyone that drive's a spiced up import car is a fighting, cussing, gun wielding lunatic that would just as soon shoot you than look at you. All this adds up to ticket sales and that is the ONLY thing that matters.

                              Little history for you. There are financial backers for every movie. There are also insurance contracts taken out on each movie. The reason being is that if that movie doesn't finish shooting, the financial backers want that money back.
                              Now onto actors doing their own stunts. BULLSH!T. No high profile actor does their own stunts. Not even Jackie Chan when he's here in the states. Don't believe me, watch the Taurus awards. It's basically the Grammies of the stuntworld. Jackie Chan's stuntman won best fight sequence I think it was for Shanghai Knights. Every actor on that film is also insured. So if say John Travolta did all that stunts in Swordfish like he claimed and he got hurt, the movie couldn't finish or was put on hold and missed release, those folks want that money back. The insurance company pay's and then they in turn want their money back. Also any SAG ( Screen Actors Guld ) member that is salaried to do a part of the film, get's paid the entire time that film is shut down. Now as a stuntperson my SAG rate (if I was in SAG) is 701 bucks a day. That's to be on set. Now I would get paid that if I was working on the day of shutdown every day till that movie came back up, unless they changed SAG guidelines. Also if it wasn't shutdown, I get 701 (I think it's that now) plus if I do a high profile stunt, say highfall of 60 ft, Fireburn, Car hit anything high profile, I get adjustments. Which is free money. A friend of mine did Big Fish, which is out now, she is the naked lady under the water putting her hand to the window. She got 5000!! bucks to do that one scene because she did it naked. I've seen them hit 10,000 for some really high profile stuff. Its all money.

                              Sorry to venture off there but that's how the movie industry works. So when you say you want itt realistic, with no cops, not drifting on the street and blah blah blah, it ain't gonna happen. Never in a million years. It's gonna be Bad Boy's 2 sideways. Now I loved Bad Boys 2. That bridge scene rocked. They actually took a 3500 chevy van and lopped off the body, built an entire tube chassis over the frame, put a humongus cowcatcher on the front to push things over the cage, mounted cameras to it, put stuntmen in the seat and rammed cars as they came off that carrier. Insane stunt.
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