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You know your a Drifter when...

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  • You know your a Drifter when...

    I was thinking of this last night... feel free to add your own.

    - You download some kick *Censored**Censored**Censored* drifting vid with cool music. The next thing you do is put that music on a cd to listen to while driving to remind you of drifting.

    - You listen to the Initial D theme song while driving.

    - You copy your favorite drifters car's on Gran Tourismo.

    - Every corner you drive around, you acess how hars it would be to drift.

    -You make sure that you mention that you have a LSD before nameing any other modification to your car.

    -You drift when you dont even mean to.

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    How about that?

    - You pratice simulation moves with your hot wheel's.
    - Have an est. of 1,000 dollar's or more in body damage from praticeing
    - Everyone knows you or your car at the drift event's.


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      You know you are an aspiring drifter when:

      -you analyze every rwd car on the street, estimating what modifications it would need to be a good drift car

      -you draw cars drifting all over your homework, and get in trouble but keep doing it because smokey drifts look sooo cool

      -you make hand motions of handbrake and fient drifts when just walking around

      -you put notes on every S13 and AE86 you see, asking to buy thier car, whether they its for sale or not

      -you take your friends cars out for a night time run at the parking lot when they don't know it


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        - you sit in math class with your feet on the chair in front of you and do all the foot and hand motions, then get kicked out of the room because when your *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* teacher told you to stop, you said "Hey im practicing for my career." then every one laughed.

        -when you are driving a ff car you wish that you could do a swap or steal a fr car or even make it rain, so you can sort of ff drift.

        -when you are walking in the mall you make the noises and the actions

        umm thats all for now


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          oh yah

          -bought zip zaps to practice in the winter when you wouldent even think about taking your car out

          -plays gt3 just because you can drift, and thats all you ever do when you play and wishes that tokyo extreme racer zero had a drift element.

          -watches drift videos and thinks about drifting, and buys magazine's about drifting, while your car is stuck in the garage.


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            hell yah dude, math class drifters rule!


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              i agree about the drift with hot wheels cause when i was a kid i would always drift my chevy blazer fire dept. truck. weird though cause now i actually do have a chevy blazer


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                - When your best friends are Zip Ties and electrical tape.

                I'm an Initial D hater, so I dunno about listening to the music..

                - Your "stereo" is rolling your windows down and listening to your car on the road.


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                  for me

                  - i dog on other rwd cars that are super heavy and couldnt hang a turn like my ae86.

                  - u diss drag racers

                  and i like what someone said about body damage. :P


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                    oh oh oh! forgot a few

                    - When body damage on your car are "battle scars"

                    - When you use and take the word "boro" as a compliment.


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                      old old school drift!

                      when i was like 5 or some young age, youknow when you could still ride a big wheel, i put grease in the rear tires and "drifted" that way, i guess that thats how you know your a drifter at heart.


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                        -the words canyon and touge make ur feet twitch

                        -u have at least 10 different drifting spots

                        -ur friends think ur nuts

                        -everytime u take passengers u recalculate the weight balance in ur car

                        -u think street racing is for ppl who cant drift

                        -u check ur tire wear after every time u park ur car


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                          You know your drifter when your sitting at piano at friends house and practice the downshift on the 3 petals


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                            you know you're into drifting when:

                            -all your front sheet metal has been unbolted and is now held on with zip ties.

                            -you prefer to have the rims on your car mis-matched.

                            -your "custom" paint job comes from a can.

                            -2:40 is more exciting to you than 4:20.

                            -like batman, you also have a dual lifestyle.


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                              Originally posted by Transient
                              I think the title of this thread should be "You know you're an INTERNET drifter when..."

                              "you know you're an INTERNET drifter when..."

                              i know exactly what your answer would be

                              "when you reply to this post"

                              just as you have