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  • Stupid car dealerships

    Now and then when i get bored i like to go "play" with car salesmen. The other day I was in Frederick MD and stoped into a dealership that had a SC400 sitting out front. I asked the woman;

    Is the SC400 for sale?

    whats a SC400?

    The LEXUS thats sitting outside the door about 10 feet behind me right in your path of vision.

    Oh no thats a customer's car (the customer was looking at OLD cavalier)

    Do you have any rear wheel drive cars?

    Whats a rear wheel drive car.

    A car who's drivetrain is set up to power the vehicle by the rear wheels instead of the front wheels.

    (giggle) I have no idea, give me an idea of some RWD cars.

    Vette, Mustang, GTO, Viper, 240sx, Miata, RX7, just about ANY Lexus

    (shaking her the whole time) no we don't have anything like that

    What about a PINTO?!?! you got any pintos?

    uh..... no i don't think so.

    Gee, I wonder what their customer service is like.

    I could add a million comments about this, but I think just leaving it as enough said does the trick.... and no I will not state the name of the dealership

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    Those places are jokes.

    It's much more fun to go to a BMW dealership and ask whether or not the new M3 with SMG has clutch packs. No one knows. That's why I'm applying for a job at a dealership... to help spread the wealth of information and stop things like this story from happening.


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      Originally posted by GRiDRaceTech
      Those places are jokes.

      It's much more fun to go to a BMW dealership and ask whether or not the new M3 with SMG has clutch packs. No one knows. That's why I'm applying for a job at a dealership... to help spread the wealth of information and stop things like this story from happening.

      The sad thing is that, that's not what dealer's what. That's not the majority. They want sales people that can over hype ANTI-LOCK brakes, or ohhhhh this car has DUAL VANITY MIRRORS, and 7 ZONE CLIMATE CONTROL..


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        Yeah I had requested a online quote for a honda S2000, that dealer kept calling me for over 2 weeks trying to tell me that I should get an accord cause the accord handles better, and his proof of this was the accord had FWD, according to the dealer who also said he used to race SCCA events was that the automakers went to FWD because it was better handling. to which I replied, "that all depends on the drivers skill."
        I finally told him, look, I want a RWD hatchback with at least 30 MPG and no traction control. They finally gave up

        Another dealership argued with me that no car maker in the world made any RWD cars anymore. I asked him what he called the corvette, and he just turned and walked away.

        2 dealerships refused to even talk with me after I told them I wanted a RWD car.

        Of course the ford dealerships just want to sell me a mustang. Nothing against you ford lovers, this is not an attack, but I prefer to buy a car that doesn't fall apart or rust within 6 years.
        Now if they had tried to talk to me about a GT40 that would be a completely different story, I'd love to drift one of those but theres no way I'll pay $130,000 for a car even if I could afford to, unless it was built from the ground up to my specifications. If Ford wants to pay me to race the GT40 for them, I'll say all the nice things they want me to, but i'm not even going to fantasize that one.

        I should probably be nicer, but it's so much fun.


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          um, i think the job of a dealer guy is to make deals with an exact model trim and specs of each car for the manufactorer and not konw any mechanics. although i've been to a lexus dealership before, not all are dumb, like i asked some guy about clutches (a dealer, not a repair mechanice, mind you) and stuff, boy did he know his thing.


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            The nissan dealership i went to, the guy was cool and down to earth. He knew his stuff, he even knew what a Silvia and Sileighty were. He was also willing to allow a test drive WITHOUT doing a credit check. Great idea, just let the customer drive and the car will sell itself.


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              I just realized something...
              car makers look at sales, so if people keep coming into dealerships and asking for RWD cars, and then leaving when he finds there are no RWD's for under 20K, doesn't that mean that car manufacturers will get the message clear and simple?


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                  lol.....last weekend a couple of friends and i went the the local mazda dealership and ask if they a any "FD" for sale....they're were like "FDs....sorry i dont think mazda makes any cars like with that name."after the sales guy left us we saw two old guys lookin at the new being the car guys that we are we talked with them....they asked us "you young fellows won't happen to know anything about this rotary engine now do you?"(after telling us the same sales guy couldn't explain it) and thenn(with a big big smile) explain to him about the works......the sales dude came out again and ask if "WE WERE HARASSING" them....but they were: "NO!! actually they dont even work here yet they are doing a better job than YOU!!! Your manager should fire you and hire these guy instead"....then the sale manager came and ask us all to the dealership showroom....the manager then said thanks to us, the two guys each bought a new rx8...and they both recommend us for a sales jobs. after leaving the showroom we met up the old dudes....we later found out one of them is a big time lawyer and the other owns a restaurant.


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                    Originally posted by IzzyTrippin
                    The nissan dealership i went to, the guy was cool and down to earth. He knew his stuff, he even knew what a Silvia and Sileighty were. He was also willing to allow a test drive WITHOUT doing a credit check. Great idea, just let the customer drive and the car will sell itself.
                    LOL, thats like your local nissan dealer...we are blessed enough to have a Nismo Parts Consultant working that lived 90% of his life in mainland japan...and also happened to be a pro race driver until he had a really bad crash and almost died...but hey, he still knows plenty of stuff, and he builds and sells silvias and stuff..hes really cool, and he tried recruitiung my friend and i to be sales people after my friend went on a test drive of a 350Z and the sales guy asked him how he liked the color (my friend is a hardcore touge and drifting guy like myself, so that was just retarded...) so yeah, he have one cool sales man in the entire city, and he also wears STEEL TOED BOOTS to work...LOL!!!

                    on a difernt note, i really hate the people that work at our local suby dealer..we went on a test drive (same friend and i, as previously mentioned) of a 04 2.5 GT Legacy, i was actually in the market for one, and we both took a crack at it...the car's performance was dissapointing to us, because it was more sluggish than my friends moms 2.2 outback...and the guy kept asking how we liked the seats and sh!t as we were squeeling the tires around haipins...and then when we got back to the dealership, we were looking at an STI in the showroom while enjoying complementary coffee, and this salesman came up and says "thats really a really cool car. any questions?" so us gearheads ask him "what type of diff does it have? is an active center diff, or a split diff, LSD, what is it?" the guy looked at us and says "well the rear wing makes it look cool...." so we yelled at him and he left, and we left in ahurry cause the people there were so, soprry about the long post, i just hate sales people.....


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                      Went to an auto show earlier this year and got really pissed with the Mazda reps.They knew jackshit about rotarys,hell,they probably thought they had pistons.They were also entirely clueless to the Mazdaspeed parts for the RX-8 which were being released at that time.Hell,they had no idea what an FD/FC/FB(SA22C) was aka an RX-7.I'm no rotary guru,but I don't want a brainless twit trying to sell me a rotary powered car when they know nothing about it.One of the comments that offended me the most was "turbocharging rotary's ruins them as they no longer work well".I felt like like telling him to go take a look at the new dual side exhaust ports which were changed from the peripheral ports of the 13B,then slamming the hood down on his head!!

                      If someone from Mazda reads this,get some real reps at your auto shows that actually know more than whether the car is an auto or manual.Nothing looks worse than having someone represent something they know nothing about.It's very unprofessional and makes you look bad.

                      Enough of my rants.As for GRIDRACE,good luck on that.Dealerships don't care whether you know anything about cars or not,they just want to make money.If someone goes in saying they want to make money,and you go in expressing your knowledge of cars,sadly they're going to take the guy that's about money because that's what they're about.The goal of car sales reps is to rip you off and get more than the MSRP,it's all comission based.

                      I suggest reading Confessions of a Car Salesmen.A journalist goes undercover at two dealerships for three months.It's an Edmunds article,so you know it's well detailed.I highly recommend everyone reads this article,so you can truely understand the way dealerships work and how to save money.


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                        Another good article is tricks of the trade:
                        it's a publication put out by pfitzgerald auto mall, a dealership that pays it's employees based on customer satisfaction questionaires, there is no commision.

                        this article will require Adobe Acrobat


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                          Think youll find most dealers know next to nothing about the cars they sell. Dealers tend to jump from one place to another for some reason, prolly the politics in a dealership. Their goal is just to sell cars and get paid. So, I wouldn't get too frustrated when dealers cant answer every question, their there to pretty much sell cars and pay bills and prolly don't have time to look at the specifics of each car. Its really up to us to find out about the car and try and find a place that has a good deal. Thats what I've noticed anyway when I go buy cars. I had a dealer tell me once, that my Cobra had the wrong rims (meanwhile, my Mustang mag was in the back seat with the front cover showing, lo and behold, the same rims) and didn't believe that my car came supercharged from the factory til I opened the hood. Meanwhile, this is a Ford dealership (didnt sell SVT). I went there to pick up some touch up paint and this guy is trying to tell me my dealership gave me a buncha cheaper aftermarket stuff. Don't think I'll be recommending that guy to anybody.


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                            think nissan and scoby dealers are iffy?!!

                            try dsm's i was checking out a brand new white evo for like 27900, and kept tellin them to bring it down to 25000 total. the kid instead comes back tells sorry but with this you have to buy a performance pakage (car bra, mud flaps, nick nacks) to get that price. I say okay....he comes back with the sales manager who shakes my hand and leads me over to a lancer es econobox, and says great choice you made.

                            I tell him no..i chose the evo, not the that peice of filth. Manager goes back inside his office and comes back out "oh im sorry, i can sell you that for no less than 29940 plus taxes title and licence fees. 32000 even. i laugh for a sec...tell them, "if i come back here again just make sure im legally sane next time".

                            although i must to love a good evo. i hate dealers.

                            you know in japan i dont think pressure you as much as here. go to


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                              Adam, there is a solution to your problem. Use for new cars. you get the internet price, which means the dealership is only getting paid for the basics of being a pickup point for a prepurchased vehicle. Search around, for new cars you can find sites which allow you to have dealerships "bid" for your purchase. This is especially true is there are multiple dealers within your search radius and it's near the end of the model year.

                              I'd rather buy a $700 car and put less then 10 grand into then buy a stock $25,000 machine, money isn't the main reason. If you own a home, you can get a home equity for 2% to 3.5%, which is alot better then ANY dealer financing short of 0%. Plus on a home loan you got 15 years, you only pay on the principle, and you can pay it off early, or refinance.

                              Whats even more stupid then for dealerships to be clueless, is when they are impracticle. I could have taken my car to a dealership, signed a contract for them to do the modifications, and then pay them to get my own car back. Easy profit. But none of the dealerships I talked to even seemed to comprehend the idea