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DOT approved tires?

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  • DOT approved tires?

    What is it that makes certain tires not DOT approved? I always see these pictures of cars in Japan with tires that have tread patterns that you know mean business. From what I hear alot of the tires perform just as good or better than our r-compound tires and have longer read life. So what's the deal?

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    i think it has something to do with the tread pattern. like here are sertain advans that you see on GT and Time Attack cars that are not legal cause there is just a few lines in it, and no real rain channels. and i dunno, DOT aproved crap could be just like any of the other dumb restrictions he have on cars here in the dunno, thats just my guess, hope it helps in someway


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      Yeah. I kinda get it. But what about those Hoosier street-legal slicks?


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        can we import non-dot approve tires like those crazy advan tire in japan?


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          A tire can become DOT approved when it is tested by the (D)epartment (O)f (T)ransportation, the DOT. The DOT as we know it is the DOT of the US, so 95% of Advan tires seeing as how they are not even imported for use on the street has not been tested by the DOT.

          Any "Racing Slick" is not really needed to be DOT tested because it will probably fail wet traction tests or because the company doesn't give a rats butt if it is DOT approved so they don't try and get it so.

          You can get non-USDM tires in the US many ways. Find a company that will import them for you, find a company in a country that sells the tire you want and will ship to you, go there and get a set... whatever. It will be expencive. Putting them on your car for street use it also ILLEGAL, not that a cop would notice... or even care, but if you piss off a cop expect to get pissed on. Some tire places will throw a hissy fit if you try and get them mounted there.

          I took some Neovas to a Big Brand and the retarded guy mounted one backwards so I told him to re-mount it and he pissed me off. I went to the manager and he wet himself when he saw they were not DOT approved and said that 2 were bald so they wouldn't flip it, so I put a stop payment on the card I used on my cell phone in front of him, took my tires to a place down the street and they flipped it for free. Expect it to be a pain in the *Censored**Censored**Censored* to get them mounted and you probably should bring the tires off the car or NO ONE will do it.


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            Originally posted by FD3S_pilot
            can we import non-dot approve tires like those crazy advan tire in japan?
            Yep, and the likleyness of getting a ticket are slim to none.

            Go here

            Call them and talk to Eddie