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Found a 1989 Conquest

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  • Found a 1989 Conquest

    I work at a Auto Shop that is in the process of crushing most of the cars that are in the salvage yard. I came across, what looks to be a 1989 (not sure of the year exactly) Chrysler Conquest TSI. There is aboslutely no body damage and the interior is imaculate. I have no idea if it starts or not but it does have all of its parts, turbo, stock front mount etc. I have a 1997 Eclipse GST now and I have never really gotten into drifting, but from what I have been told, this car has alot of potential. I would love to find out what is wrong with it, I am guessing its the motor, but we don't have a key. I've convinced my boss not to crush it.
    If you have ANY information about this vehicle please, please help me out!

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    First off hit up Google. There is alot of info on that car there. Not sure how well it slides but for the price you are paying for it, you can't go wrong.


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      funny thing is, people are in the habit of using the 4g63 eclipse engines in the conquest/starion. twist your ramen around that.
      (did I ever tell you guys i wanted to be the host of reading rainbow?)


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        worst fuel system ever.

        one fuel injector on the TB gayness


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          Supposedly I can't get it on the road due to some salvage, junk title. And the amount of years its been in the junk yard. But if anyone needs one for parts, let me know!
          Thanks for your help.


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            it is a mitsubishi engine

            you could hot wire the starter or you could gut out the old ignition and add a new one with a new key.