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    Ok Im 14 my mom is giving me driving lessons. Im saving for an Evo VII. I want you opinion on how much this is going to be in atleast 3 years.

    Evo VII - Low stiff suspention - 2.6 liter - Turbo - 18 inch rims (not crome but something racing) - carbon spoiler - carbon trunk - wide bodykit

    I know its a lot but tell me an estimate

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    ok, i'm assumuing your in the u.s. which means your looking at an evo 8, and the experience ive had driving the rs version has left me thinking that there isnt alot that i could do to the car to make it fundamentally better.

    Anyways, you want a 2.6 liter evo with an upgraded turbo... I'm not even sure you can get that kind of displacement out of the block, and if you can, I would like to see someone try to get everything you've listed done for less than 40k including car (were talking correctly here). And then I would love to see the results of a 17 year old behind the wheel of a beast like that.

    Money goes by quick when you have to spend it on not only parts and labor, but all the things that somehow go wrong, as well as all the other things that you havent considered like a beefed up drivetrain, engine managment, and the people who are going to both carge you to use their dyno and their expertise to tune the engine for you, and the people who are going to do the suspension set up for you (cornerbalance/alignment) ect. ect.
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      less restrictive exhaust will UNLEASH an evo RS into the realm of 12 second cars


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        Hey Mr 4WD-4WD, I recomend you not let it known that you are 14 years old and watch Intial D in these forums. That kind of stuff gets kids flammed in these forums and I dont wanna see that happen to a fellow kid with big dreams.

        The stock evo has never came with a displacement of 2.6L. It does have 2.0L because of the homologation rules by the WRC. I have seen kits that bump that to 2.2L and I think there MIGHT be 2.4L kits out there. However, whenever you increase displacement, it takes a total rebuild of the internals and that equals lots of GREEN! The kind of green that your mom aint gonna spend unless shes rich. And if she is rich, youre one lucky b@stard and I want your mom to adopt me .

        Also, instead of spending money on parts that are gonna break anyway, keep the car stock and go to the track where you can gain more seat time that will benefit you more than any turbo upgrade in the long run.

        Best of luck to ya!
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          If your not rich now,you better get rich fast.The insurance expenses will leave you with enough money to back the car out of the driveway,then drive it back in once a week.Let alone any mods you plan to do to the car.


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            My suggestion.

            Read the new to Drifting section, every post, front to back, turn 16 then talk.


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              edited because Ghost got it a lot more right then my overly long and disapointing post, so listen to him.


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                This might be the wrong forum for EVO's question. You might get more information from SoCal EVO Club.

                Nonetheless, I do want people with EVOs start driving like one if they are not doing so. With the technology on that car, it's a waste to JUST drag race it. I respect drag racing but EVOs have a lot better use that just that.

                4WD-4WD, I fell in love with the Skyline GT-R R32 when I was 12 and I finally got one at the age of 24. I am sure you can get a EVO a lot sooner than that... but promise me one thing - DON'T JUST DRAG IT AND LEARN TO DRIVE IT THE WAY IT'S MEANT TO BE DRIVEN. Don't let the car go to waste...

                Hubert Young
                Motorsport Dynamics/Falken/HIN/Hot Wheels S14
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                Hubert Young
                KORE 8 Films


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                  One more thing: before you do anything to the car, including the air cleaner and small stuff like that, drive it for a year or so to know what 280 stock HP really is. Despite what you might think, it's really a lot, especially when you compare the car to the others with a 2 liter engine displacement (3S-GTE has maximum 245HP in the latest version, SR20DET from the S15 punches out 250HP). The 4G63 turbo is a monster, so before you do anything, please rethink about the modifications.

                  As for the mods, I wouldn't reccomend a stroker kit for your car. It costs a lot of money, plus, you would need a big turbo not to make the top end sluggish. That's another money. After that, you will need lots of money for clutches (yes, clutches, not a single clutch - they like to fail in the Evos), a decent suspension setup and brakes, which would be REALLY useful when going from 120 to 60.

                  Ok, let's count it:

                  Endless brake kit: 3k to 8k
                  ZEAL coilovers: 2k to 5k
                  Enkei wheels: 1k to 2k
                  C-West bodykit: 1,5k

                  That doesn't include the necessary interior equipment, which would be crucial if you would like a car like that, and the engine tuning, and the installment costs, and all the other shieeeet you would like to run under the body.


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                    That's a lot of money to spend on brakes for a car that comes from the factory with brembos.
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                      I will say, stay with stock. It's a really nice car that handles very well already right out of the box... learn to drive it before upgrading anything...

                      Hubert Young
                      Motorsport Dynamics S14
                      Hubert Young
                      KORE 8 Films


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                        remember that stock 0-60 is under 5 seconds...but since you are importing and EVO (assuming since you said EVO VII) why not go for an EVO III or IV? they are alot cheaper and actually weigh quite a bit less....