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Benz's Rotary Rocket!

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  • Benz's Rotary Rocket!

    This might only be interesting for the rotor heads out there but...

    I was searching when I stumbled upon the Mercedes-Benz rotary powerd car that we all hear about but never have actually seen. Aparently, even back in the early 70's Benz was making great progress with the rotary. They made a 3 rotor that produced a outstanding 280hp and 0-60 time of 4.7 sec. Pretty amazing for a rotary car of the time eh? Benz even went as far as producing a 4-rotor diesel powerplant. It might have even been the next incarnation of the 300SL with its familiar gullwing doors borrowed from the classic. Sadly, as with all great automotive ideas, the project was plauged by really crappy gas milage and really bad pollutant content from the exhaust that resulted in its absence from the showroom floor.

    For some reason I cant post the pics, or make a hyperlink, but you can visit the site and get more detailed info about the project at$Mercedes-Benz@$C111%20Conceptx.html . Dont be lazy and just copy and paste it into your browser.

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    thats tight to the max yo!! rotary benz old sckool too