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  • Tires

    what brand and series do you guys recomend on a low budget for a local drift event? When I mean low budget I mean I got a month and a half to get my new springs, tires, and bushings. It is for my 85 Hachi

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    I'd recommend 185/60, 185/65 or 195/60s. Call up your local used tire dealers and see what they have in stock. Don't forget to look over the tires before you buy them.


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      *Bet nobody saw that comin'


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        for drift tires you can get BRAND NEW 13'' tires (155/80r13) from discoutn for $15 a tire. yeah its a little narrow but on yoru corrolla it will just make it easier, plus they are BRAND NEW, and have a lot of tread, just make sure to put air in them so they dont rollover a lot.

        as far as fronts the 195/60r14 falken azenis for $50 a pop is a helluva deal.


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          I have Falken Zeix tires on the front measuring 225/50 R16's and i have Concord "performance steel radials" measuring 205/60 R15's on the back. If you want cheap tires that last along time get concords they last FOREVER! i have had them for a year and i still haven't been able to blow them... they have serious tread ware I did 24 laps of drifting at hialeah speedway and they are still surviving. I finnally wore them down o their belts last weekend then i drove to key west on them.

          Plus they smoke alright also.


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            if u needs tires to burn for an event, go to discount and look in the tradsh bin...they got worn tires out thw wazoo but they're good for burning up

            if you need new tires for the front end i'd reccomend some falkens or yokohama, the best thing to do is to find a website with'em for cheap, print out the page and go to discount and see if they can beat the usually works, my friend got falken azeni's (sports) for like...50 bucks each?


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              yeah my falkens i got out of a junkyard on 16" z31 alloy rims with 90% tread on them and i got both of them for $60