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RS*R race springs vs. coilovers

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  • RS*R race springs vs. coilovers

    i have rs*r race springs right now with kyb agx. i really like the setup. it's "stiff" enough for me. the rates are i think 5/4. but as my skill level increases, will i grow out this set-up? how are these compared to coilovers? i was gonna keep these for a while and spend my money on other upgrades on tie rods, ruca'a out back, and sway bars. i have tc rods allready.

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    Yes, you will eventually grow out of that setup. Once you get to the point that you go up in hp and tire size, you will need to upgrade to full coil overs with stiffer springs.
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      you'll either grow up or blow your kyb's. chances are if there kybs and on a 240 and you have had them for awhile there blown.

      coilovers are better by like 100x


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        hey alex, what up, i don't know if you know who i am, but i was the guy that got your hat that you threw in the crowd during your freestyle-at houston

        Ok got another question. i'm getting some zeal coilovers(i think b2) and i was gonna trade those for another car so i can have a daily driver and keep my baby in the garage safe from suv driving soccer moms and general wear and tear. kind of like a weekend car.

        is this smart or stupid? should i keep my zeal's or trade?
        btw, the car i was gonna trade for is a relatively stock s13


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          Two cars is always nice.


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            ok i did it. i am the new owner of another 240sx. now i have a coupe and a fast-back. i'll post pics later. hooray for me


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              i wanna 240sx hatch style . . . but bout the RS*R springs, my brother has them on his 92' civic EG but is tradin them for a complete TEIN coilover kit. he said he likes the way they handle ( the rs*r ones).
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