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Not sure about the s14?

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  • Not sure about the s14?

    I wasn't into drifting until I saw initial d. I'm not sure about this but I want to know. I'm planning to buy one and I don't want to buy an s14 with an normal engine.

    Do all the s14 have the sr20?

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    In america they came with the KA24DE only. In japan they came with the SR20DET. I could be wrong. If so somone please correct me.


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      ^^^ hes right. america only got the KA24de motor. Japan got the SR20det. Lucky bastards.


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        The SR20det is better than the KA24de right.


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          Originally posted by Nismo_r34
          The SR20det is better than the KA24de right.
          I would say yes.But there is just as many KA fanatics as SR,so it depends on who you talk to.


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            If you're first getting into drifting, in my opinion, I would suggest you to go with the KA24de initially. The american version (KA24DE) has a stock power of only 155 horsepower. It is much easier to handle the car with lower hp. After you get more comfortable with drifting your car, then you can start to think about swapping the engine. S14 is a very fine machine for drifting, and its weight balance is as good as a stock FR car can get. Again, this is only my personal opinion. Hope it helps.

            For your information(all these engines will fit into S14 without significant amount of modifications, they are all turbo engine):

            S13 SR20DET has a stock power of 205hp

            S14 SR20DET has a stock power of 220hp

            S15 SR20DET has a stock power of 250hp (6-speed w/manual)

            As I know there is also SR20DE in Japan as well, this is a non-turbo engine.
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              There's 3 specs of the "S" cars. There's KA's (US ver). the "Q" (they're SR20DE) they are from the AERO and Veretta specs and the "S" type (redtops) also knows as the SR20DET engines. difference between the 2?.. turbo charge. "Q" types are not turbo charge. and the S type are.

              anyways.. that's what i know. correct me if im wrong.