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Any problems with CA18DET

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  • Any problems with CA18DET

    Im going to swap out my KA24E,with either a CA18 or a SR20.And ive noticed a lot more SR owners than CA wondering y that is, apart from the aftermarket support.are there main problems that have to be dealt with when using the CA.thanx

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    The SR block is still in production nowadays (SR16VE, SR20VET, etc), while the CA was discontinued in the early 90s. The CA apparently revs higher, is just as strong, and of course a bit rarer, only being in 88-90 S13s (as far as CA18 S-chassis cars go) if I remember correctly. I'm far from an expert on them, but that's what I've picked up.


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      Ok, well as for the CA18 engine goes... the NICO forums has TONS of info on them, Boost_boy from the NICO forums is a big EXPERT on that motor.

      As for differences...

      Internally, the CA18 has stronger Internals than an SR and can hold more without changing the internals, but of course, if you want a good strong motor, your gonna have to change the internals anyway.

      CA18s obviously lack the many aftermarket products but there ARE great companys out there that make ca18aftermarket parts... JUN and Tomei for instance.

      CA18 has great potential and has a great low-end. If you want some info from here, you can ask Tony Angelo, as he just helped his brother swap in a ca18det into his car. So if you want, you might be able to just ask tony for some info. for the rest, however, it would be more wise to just head to and check out the CA section.

      Pretty much, if you want a CA18 to run just like a stock sr... all you really need is a 3' full cat back exhaust, High Flow Intake. That alone should get you near SR Power. CA18 stock is 175hp.

      But like i said, and you said; the problem is aftermarket parts, tomei and jun parts are... quite expensive. there are some more ca18 aftermarket products and a search on google should get it for you, or just a quick search on the nicoforums.

      here's a quicklink
      for the FAQ that has been compiled by many members from NICO.

      I myself is on the process of getting a CA18det, mainly because everyone in the damn san fernando valley has an sr in their car, but because of that, i found the performance this motor can put out.



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        thanx a lot both of u,last night i checked out nico and found out a lot of helpful information on the CA.


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          Glad to help =]