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FC Problems; Unlock 13B Motor

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  • FC Problems; Unlock 13B Motor

    i was wondering if any of you guys has ever heard of any one getting a 13b engine to unlock i kinda locked mine up . and i was also wondering wehre is the best place to get the gasked rebuild kit for the s4 13b . my 86 gxl needs alot of work but it is my first car and i reall dont want to get rid of her . so any help that you all can give me i would really be thankful for

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    You locked your engine up?? It is going to need a full out rebuild. You might even have to buy new rotors and rotor housings if you screwed those up. Where are you located? I can hook you up with the parts you need. Just email me at I'll give you the contact info you need to get all of the parts. Depending on where you live there might be a good rotary rebuild shop near you.



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      Search for automatic transmission fluid(atf) trick, it has been known to revive a couple rotaries. Otherwise, rebuild time or buy a new engine.


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        The ATF trick will work if you have low compression, but if your motor is frozen and won't turn then that won't help you out at all.


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          yeah and the ATF trick is better explained by

          just in case you need it


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            The ATF trick didn't really work on my 88fc. It had bad compression in the rear rotor. And after letting it sit for a really long time with the ATF inside it almost started. But the ATF will also make your car harder to start so you have to try starting it for a while.


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              ^ did you swap in new spark plugs? ATF fouls up the plugs really fast so get some new one's and try again. HOw low is the compression in the rear? best bet is to either rebuild or get a new motor.


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                ATF is not going to do any good, because the motor will not rotate.
                if your motor is locked its probably time for a new one. you will have to take it apart before you will know if the housing are good or not. I have blow a few rotary motors, generaly you damage a rotor housing and side housing in the prosses (at least). by the time you buy housings, rebuild kit, and gasket kit, you will end up spending more money then you would buying a reman from mazda.