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so cal SAFC tuners?

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  • so cal SAFC tuners?

    I've got a 1988 10AE turbo FC (rx7) and I just got a new engine in there not too long ago and I've just broken it in[driven 1000 miles without pushing it hard] and I have an apex SAFC2 installed. I would like to get it tuned before I begin to push it or i'll probably end up blowing this engine. So basically i'd like to find a tuner or a shop that would be able to tune my SAFC. I'm in so cal so if anyone knows of any shops could you give me a list so i can finally get my fc tuned.


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    what all went into the rebuild?, did u reuse the bearing or get new ones? Also what are your mods?


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      There's a brand new remanfactured engine, not a rebuild. Sorry if I didnt specify. My mods are :

      Engine Components:
      racing beat turboback exhaust
      ported wastegate
      gsl-se 680cc secondary fuel injectors
      walbro 255lph fuel pump
      racingbeat fcd
      blitz blow off valve
      custom aluminum tid and k and n filter with adapter plate
      braided stainless steel oil cooler hoses

      blitz ssbc electronic boost controller
      apexi safc II

      thnx. I've posted so many places and have gotten no response.


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        just call around places in la, just ask shops if they do it or know of any places that will do it.

        do you want it dyno tuned?


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          not really sure, I was just hoping a shop would hook up a wideband and tune it from there because my fuel ratios are *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* and so is my gas mileage. I know it's a rotary and all but 12.5 miles per gallon gets mighty expensive for a highschool student such as myself. But that's a good idea to call up some shops. I've called Turbo XS and SP engineering and i think Rotary power and they all don't tune SAFC. I thought that was really weird that such popular and well established shops wouldnt tune it. Dyno tune..could you explain how that works and what's the difference.



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            well being its a reman, you'll want to take it easy for at least another 1000 miles to let the bearings seat properly, you seem to have plenty of fuel for your setup. there should be plenty of places that'll tune it for ya but if not get a wideband unit and tune it yourself.


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              a dyno tune is where you put your car on the dyno ( device that measures hp and tq) and tune it to where you will get the most hp and tq.

              those places wont tune it because i think that most people that get safc's just tune them themselves. those places probably only tune standalone and maybe emanage.

              see if somone off the fc forums will tune it for ou, tell them you will give them
              some money or like 30 bucks an hour and im shure someone will tune it for you that tuned theirs.

              when you call places ask them if they know anybody who does tune the safc, or places thast will tune them for you....