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Remove Guages on 89 240

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  • Remove Guages on 89 240

    i am trying to take off the guages on my 240 to replace the bulbs behind them so the reflection is red instead of the white.(just a cheap cool upgrade)but i cannot seem to get the guage cluster off,becuase of the steering wheel being in the way.i do not know how to take the steering wheel off,because i have never attempted/never needed to.any suggestions that would help my predicament would be appreciated.

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    take off the lower panel on the driver side off. if you dont' know what lower panel. the panel above the drivers feet. There will be 2 bolts and 2 nuts that hold up the steering column. 2 are toward the top of the columnand 2 towards the bottom. You can just loosen them so the steering column lowers and does not fall or you can take them completely off and let it hang. You have to do this, in order to get the guage cluster bezel and the guage cluster out with out it being a problem. If you want you can also remove the steering wheel but its not that necessary