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Advantages of V-Mount Intercooler?

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  • Advantages of V-Mount Intercooler?

    whats the overall greater advantage of VMIC other then it being more protected from drift related intercooler damage? according to the intercooler article featuring the Signal/Endless RX-7 it says "optimum cooling" however v-mounts are closer to the engine bay and have less contact with air. unless the air is scooped upward from the airdam.

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    umm...well the IC is has less pipeing so it will have better thrttle responce..and it wont block the raidaitor and such..sorry bout the bad spelling...


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      He's right, the shorter piping causes less pressure drop meaning boost is more responsive. I think the main advantage of the engine bay VMIC setup's your talking about is the IC is cooled from both ends. At the bottom end, the air flowing through the front dam and over the radiator is directed up into the IC. At the top end of the IC, the hood vents are directing air onto the top of the IC. Air hitting it on both sides makes it cool better than a front mount design which is only being cooled from one side. Thats my understanding anyway ...


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        Actually from what I understand it's cooled better because you are splitting them up more and swapping them. In a front mount set up, the air passes throught the intercooler first which heats it. Then it's warmer as it passes through the radiator. Not much space between them to cool them down plus you break air flow. In a V-mount setup, the air passes through the Radiator first then has a nice long space to travel before hitting the Ic. This allows the air to cool down more. Plus the angle is different in a V-mount set up too. If i'm not mistaken with a stock radiator and a fmic on a 240, both units are vertical to the ground. With a v-mount, it makes the air path form a j, air comes in the front, up the chute and out the hood vents. Makes air pass faster and more efficient. Same on the FD. Only diff is the FD already has the radiator mounted at an angle stock.

        I could be dead asz wrong but that's my take on it.


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          Hmm..I've seen it installed in many different ways. I suppose that means there's differen ways of thinking.

          Ghost, this setup is more about what you're explaining...where you can pretty much see how it' forms that J with the difusor plate at the top of the Koyo radiator that air passes before then over through the intercooler and vented out behind the hood vents.

          But then you've got HKS and Knightsports and their way of doing it, which is where I understood the V-Mount got it's name. I think in a true V-mount they're positioned like a V so that both the radiator AND the intercooler gets more air distributed equally across the surface provided.

          Otherwise, I think they woulda called it a J-Mount, ya know what I'm saying? Whatever works best for your it.


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            Heh I meant the air formed a j. Entered in at the bottom and shot up out the top. but yea the photo is what I was talking about.

            They ought to call it a Jamount. Thats my name. Then it would be a "My" mount.


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              Originally posted by ArchangelX
              I think in a true V-mount they're positioned like a V so that both the radiator AND the intercooler gets more air distributed equally across the surface provided.
              i thought V-Mount was vertical mount?


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                Im not sure but i think its because when u have a big IC, not much air gets to the radiator right? so i guess its better for cars thet run hard and over heat faster then when cold air is hiting the radiator. thats what i think the V-mont is for. if u think im wrong just think about how the air moves when the IC is in front of the radiator it kinda looks like this (=) air cant move thru the IC as easy so if it can, the air moves from a high presser area to a low presser area (so it gos around the IC) on a V-mont the air hits both radiator and IC cold air for the part that needs it the most? right? (sorry for the bad spelling )


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                  Air thats heated from the intercooler is not going through the raditor. It improves cooling, turbo response, and total cooling effecientcy.


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                    does this not question?

                    Cooling, Response.



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                      ARCHIVE THIS THREAD PLEASE.

                      Originally posted by sidebyslide
                      i thought V-Mount was vertical mount?
                      Nah, it's like the picture archangel posted. Tilted-over Vee.

                      V-Mount is v-mount. Verticle mount is stock.

                      Driftfreak, Crazy, and Ghost all got it. Just like what Chas said, when they're sandwiched the radiator gets warmed I/C air.


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                        Three virgins for me for getting it woot


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                          HEY!!! HANDS OFF...

                          Originally posted by Ghost of Duluth
                          Three virgins for me for getting it woot
                          Those virgins are mine!!! Keep your grubby paws off you dirty fack!!!


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                            Ya....the V-Mount is really important for cars like the RX7..before the radiator would just overheat and fry the doesn't do much for either's cooling factors.

                            I know the RX7 is just nothing but a huge heat producer, oil gets burned quickly in an FD, gotta check it every week or least I do. I remember the first time I shut it down and went to open the gawd....I could fry meat on it!!!


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                              can you do v-mounts in the new wrx sti since the engine is placed pretty far back like the rx-7