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Weight issue...and other issues

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  • Weight issue...and other issues

    This is a very noob Q but I am planning to get a 240sx since its cheap and most of you all agree on it as a good drift car.

    But when I get one what the first thing I shoud do to balance the car out? Relocate the battary? Loose the rear seats? Get a fuel cell? Sorry but most "first thing mod" I have info on is ricer stuff. In AZ is all track or drifts

    This must seem like the MOST stupidest question but im here to learn, Air bags (air springs / air cylinder) dont mix with drifting right? I like what a air ride suspension has to offer but dont know if its good enough for drifting.

    You guys mentioned some prefered springs but I want something I can find at a local tuner shop, thrust me, there are plenty here.

    I know for a fact the shops here carry H&R stuff and Eibach stuff. You you reccomend those?


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    There really isn't too much of a balance problem with the 240 unless youre really picky. Eibach pro-kit springs are ones that a lot of guys are happy with, H&R are good from what i hear but with less drop than the prokits. My friend has the Tein S-techs and i like them, but a soft ride compared to coilovers. If you want performance out of your springs, youre gonna have to get some new shocks like the AGX or Koni shocks. Air ride isn't for drift as far as im concerned, I can't see why you would want it on a sports car.


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      Air bags can hold lots of weight so I though it would me good as springs, and you can lower the pressure to get a good ride and up it for stiffness......but I guess its not.....It was a dumb question anyway, just outa curiousity.

      As for Eibach pro-kit springs, what else do i need or need to modify to have a good car? Sway bars? contol arms? etc.?
      Like will they fit in the stock set up?


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        I reccomend just getting a good pair of springs and new brake pads... if you have enough money, a clutch and shocks(struts) are good ideas too...

        Also if your trying to lose weight you should just remove the spare and maybe the radio system... REMEMBER this is a street car not a race car... dont go crazy and put fuel cells and rip out interior... To me a tuner car and a race car are differnt... Speed dont always mean fun...

        Eibach is the best bet for springs... get stiff but not too stiff...

        H & R is also a good brand, alot of VW owners told me that they love they're h&r...


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          Yea im not gonna go crazy but I thought fuel cells are lighter and look better.... Audio is a must in my big sub or w/e but you need a radio!

          What does drifting do to your car? Like what part(s) get fu(ked up more then others? Diffs, clutch, suspension componets?


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            Those three are the main things, it will also beat on your frame and engine. If you drift every night, do a LSD overhaul once a month, if you do it only on the weekends, do it about once every 8 months. Clutches should be... eh when ever you can feel they are starting to slip... I still drifted my car with a close to dead clutch and brakes also.. Brakes will get burned up alot because you use those alot... new pads when the pedal feels soft and a New suspension aligment about once a month. Also when you get an aligment talk to your mechincs ask them about what they can do to the suspension, alot of stuff can be changed, have some fun and dont be scared to have them set it strangly test them all out and find what works best for you... main things to know are, Camber, Toe, Caster and one other I cant remeber, one good thing to keep in mind is what dirft cars were famous for...HUGE BUTTERFLYS! stunning numbers of negtive camber... also contray to popular belif, camber dont effect the wear of the tire, that is Toe in and out... If you want I'll find this article and post about these things...


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              first mod should be LSD, hands down.

              if you start out with a car that doesnt mind keeping the *Censored**Censored**Censored* out, you learn faster.

              after that, suspension mods will be your best bet, but everyone has their own priority bias about suspension pieces (i.e. thick sway bars before shocks+springs / coilovers)

              but before you do a damn thing, master the car in stock form. once youve reached its limits you'll know exactly how each upgrade helps/hurts the way you drive.


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                OK, thanks guys.....

                Could you please post the article sure it will be good use to others as well, thanks.


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                  Uh.. Lemme find it somewhere...


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                    Unless you are drifting open parking lots, which is what i do, you can end up breaking all sorts of parts, things like tie rods, control arms, t/c rods, wheels, brakes, plus even if you don't hit anything, drifting takes a huge toll on those rubber bushings that are under your car, and they will deteriorate very fast as i am finding out right now. Things will break and wear out at a very fast pace when you drift, so plan on having a lot of money just to maintain your car, not just to upgrade it.


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                      i think you guys forgot about tires......probably the most important "mod" u will need on ur car......with a stock 240 id just go with a clutch if the stock ones crap and a cheap spring and strut combo with some sway bars and then learn from there......doing all the extra stuff won't really have any effect as you're just learning and maybe even crashing.........then u start to get really good and can start getting serious with mods but then again if u got the money id prolly blow it all on whatever would seem to benefit drifting


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                        tires are the most important mod for grip or drag.

                        not drifting. when you drift frequently, you chew through them often enough that it doesnt make a difference whats wrapped on the wheels, as long as you dont have any steel poking out.

                        i.e. its stupid as hell to go spend $400 on new tires all the way around to go chew em up at a parking lot. what i do is go to used tire places and get $10 tire+mounting at all four corners. granted, they dont last as long or grip as good, but thats not really the name of the game when it comes to drift, is it.