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Yashio Factory temp gauge problem

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  • Yashio Factory temp gauge problem

    I'm having trouble getting my Yashio Factory temp gauge working. This is going in my 95 S14 btw.

    Mine came with the plug that just plugs into the Consult port in the car. So when I plug it in and turn on the car, the unit gets power, but all it shows is the number 1. The number never changes no matter what temp the car is at. Also, about every 3 seconds, all the numbers flash once for a split second then turn off, and it'll keep doing that, while that number 1 is always there.

    Does anyone know whats going on with it? Are there supposed to be other sensors that I have to get to have this working properly? My unit has the plug, and then a loose green wire, didnt come with anything else. If not, anyone have a wiring diagram for it? Do I need an aftermarket water temp sensor for this unit to work? HELP!

    I already went to the Yashio site and translated it but that didnt help.

    Looks EXACTLY like this

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    what engine do you have?


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      KA. Is it true that the earlier 95 240sx had the consult port, but it wasnt fully wired up or something? I heard the later 95's had a fully functional consult port, along with the switch to OBDII...


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        the temp gauge could be meant for the sr. yea its true but i think its for air bags