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13BT N/A Turbo Conversion

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  • 13BT N/A Turbo Conversion

    hello all!
    i just bought a 88' rx7 non-turbo and was researching about swaps all day.
    i want to swap out the s4 non-turbo with a s4 turbo. i'm still rather confused with people talking about doing s4 n/a to s5 turbo etc. etc. i just wanna know, what will i need to do a n/a to turbo swap using s4 motors? thank you in advance!

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    aside from the motor(prob. gonna have to rebuild if you import it), you'll need the harness, full drivetrain(well you can use the n/a drivetrain but TII stuff will take abuse a lot better) also while the motor is out might as well upgrade to a better clutch/flywheel setup. And chances are you're not gonna leave the motor stock so upgrade the fuel system accordingly to what mods you put on.upgraded fuel pump is a must.


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      ^^Agreed. Also you will want a boost gauge, if you dont get the stock turbo gauges then just get an aftermarket one. I suggest that you get an after market one so you can get a more accurate reading, especially if you plan to run more than 8 psi later on. If you have the money than you should problably get an FCD and a boost controller but its not really needed.


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        full drivetrain is a must! the na trans are made of glass as with the diff mounts (na and turbo for that matter) a usdm motor will do you alot more good than a jdmm motor will, there are many horror stories to be told about them. all in all for your moneys worth, your better off selling your n/a and finding a decent mileage turbo 2. at the end of the day, you will spend more money on a turbo swap than a decent turbo 2


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          yea, the NA FC running gear is the same stuff that was in the FB/SA (for whoever is gonna want to pick a fight over chassis numbers), and incidentally it was designed for a lighter car with less power. In the heavier FC with a torquier motor, it will just get destroyed, especially if used for launching or drifting. At minimum, you'd need a turbo 2 tranny and differential, and at that point, itd be cheaper to just buy the rest of the T2 stuff (halfshafts, drive shaft etc) to fit the tranny and diff instead of trying to mod the *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* on there already to work. With the cost and time and effort required to find all this stuff, tear it off another car, and slap it onto yours, you may as well have bought a t2 from the start.

          however, dont discount the NA RX-7. Its got very linear power response, the same handling capabilities with less weight in front, and it's relative lack of power coupled with all its grip IMO help to promote a cleaner driving/drifting style