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Cam Sprocket/ Upper Timing Chain Problems.

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  • Cam Sprocket/ Upper Timing Chain Problems.

    Ok heres the problem. Its on a 97 With Ka

    Im installing the Upper timing chain and for some reason the sprockets dont want to go on right. I have the yellow mark on the chain aligned but still no go. They come really REALLY close but they dont want to snap onto the dowel pins on the cams. Its so close i could use the bolt to pull it in But the chain tightens waaay to much (no slack on the tensioner side)

    Is there a certain order they go on? Like which one first? (intake or exhaust) I know the tensioner is on the intake side, and it should have the most slack but even when i try to do that side last it doesnt work.

    Things ive tried;

    Motor is at TDC, tried moving the crank a little to get extra room, but that doesnt work.

    Moving the cams slightly to align dowel pin. Nothing.

    Beating my head with hammer.... doesnt work.

    Could somthing else be causing this??

    Any help would be greatly Appreciated. Thx

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    Get an RX-7, no more timing chains or cam shafts to worry about!


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      hahah. Yeah if i could find one around here i would
      But then again. if somthing broke i wouldnt know where to start.