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  • Need Motor Help!

    OK guys having troubles. As some of you know i just rebuilt my motor due to a freak occurence with my Maf Screen. Anyway turned out 2 of the valves were bent so i replaced them.

    Anyway heres my problem. I put the valvetrain back together.( plugged the EGR valve.) Assembled the rest of the motor and installed all outer components. got all the fluids in there do all the normall checks and go to crank.


    Starter turns the motor but it wont turn over.
    __________________________________________________ ________________________________
    So i start troubleshooting

    Ive got fuel spraying from the fuel rail cause i can smell gas on the plugs.

    Got excellent compression.

    Plugs are all brand new. I check the plug wires there all firing.

    So i start thinking maybe i messed up somthing with the cam timing. Pull the valve cover off and everything lines up. Cam lobes are pointed away and the crank pulley is at TDC. I rotate motor again. And the lobes pointin up like they should. Rotate again and i got TDC again.

    Anyone have any ideas whats wrong???

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    lol anybody???

    Ok well what about this. When i stab the distrib. Which pin/dowel/mark whatver thing do i line up to stab the distrib? Number 1 or number 2?


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      #1 id say hook it up to a timing light just in case, if not make sure that the plugs are firing


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        heh come take a quick ride from N.o. and come help me troubleshoot this


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          Lol Sunday I May Be Able Too