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  • good RX-7 engine

    Just kidding the real question is what would be a good RX-7 engine. It probably sounds like a dumb @ss question but I want to put a rotary engine in my 91 Miata. I wanna try drifting with a miata, just think about it... it handles real good and is very light. Perfect for drifting but the only thing thats holding the lil'guy back its lack of power from the small engine. So I thought just throw in a rotary in it and there we go. I know its easier said then done but I've done my homework and know where to go to get it done. But I dont know anything about Rotary's. What is the best one you can get and where . I need all the details please. As much as you guys can give me.Thanx

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    it'd probably be cheaper to just slap a turbo on it.


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      You know you would have gotten alot more answers to your question had you put the question in the title.


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        Personally I would just turbo the motor you have. A guy in town her has his turbo and it runs really sweet. He scca races his. But I had one as a daily for a long time and wanted to do the samething u are thinking of doing. All I can say is 50/50 weight, PERFECT. It's actually a great car for that. I would power drift mine on every turn.... Sorry my mind kind of went into the past, anyways..... Just go turbo on your stock.


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          Talk to miata619drifter on here. He has had a few turbo miatas, fast enough to drift. You can also look at doing a NA build.

          Do you have a 1.6 or 1.8? If you have the 1.6, go with the greddy kit. Its MSRP is 1600!!!!!!! and its street legal.

          Check toda for parts, they have good cheap stuff.


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            Play the US version theme song! That song is so tight! *Bam, tish tish, Bamp - tish tish "vihisihuahalihize..."*

            Putting a rotary in a Miata is a costly job. Most people have enough trouble keeping rotaries working right in RX-7's let alone in a car they weren't designed for (even though the Rotary is a marvelous engine). A turbo'd Miata will pull pretty hard even with the 1.6, but if you really want to a do a motor swap, I've heard that the V6 from the MX-3 will mate to the RWD trans, and that the MX-6's V6 will fit a B-series pickup trans with some work - both engines have super-smooth power.



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              You guys keep saying to throw a turbo on the miata but do you really think that a turbo charged Miata can actually hold its own with the big boys like 240's or RX-7's. Cost isnt that important to me (not that I'm rich I would have to collect many cans to save up) but I know it would cost a grip...New engine new Tranny may some chasis. But I thought that since the car is so light and with a rotary in it the car might fly. If you think that a turbocharged miata might be able to take-on 240's or RX-7's let me hear your comments. Anything is appreciated.


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                Its a 1.6 liter. Yeah I know really small...But I got a MOMO shift knob in that MOFO?WHAT! that doesnt make it go faster...but its MOMO??? j/k


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                  If you're talking about drifting, then yes. You don't need a lot of power to drift. Heres a prime example. Ueo won the D1GP w/ a 180hp corolla(A miata w/ a turbo will have at least 200HP. But he won because he had skill). Thats all you need to drift......well that and a car.


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                    i bet you could but a BPT mazda engine in it... corksport sells them... 1.8L 210 bhp... not sure how hard it would be but if you wanna do an engine swap it's gonna be way easier than doing a rotary. i was looking into doing a BPT swap for my car sadly it's to expensive for me at the moment but while searching i ran into lots of info about ppl swapping it into miatas

                    adam "i wish i had a BPT for my GTX" loehamnn


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                      put in a 13b rotory from a second generation RX7 it should fit but you would have to eather get a hook with a scoop or put a front mount iner cooler on the miata


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                        Miata Swap

                        Well you can do this..
                        Ideal motor for a rotary miata is :

                        13BT-REW (93 and up)
                        single turbo with Stand alone ECU
                        On the 10th anniversary miata with the 6 SPEED TRANNY!!!
                        DRIFTERS DREAM or mabey just mine =)

                        Or just go sell yours and buy the new ones..
                        either the mazdaspeed (supercharged)
                        or the new Turbo charged model!!..


                        Monster Miata
                        with some V-8 of ur choice(you won't be handling as well)


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                          Originally posted by Nismo
                          do you really think that a turbo charged Miata can actually hold its own with the big boys like 240's or RX-7's
                          Ever see footage from the APEX cup?


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                            A Turbocharged Miata will easily hold it's own with a stock 240.

                            240SX. 90 model 2.4 sohc rated at 140 hp and weighed 2684 lbs. A 91 made 155 hp. 95-98 made the same Hp and weighed in at a whopping 2753 lbs.

                            The Miata 1992 made 116 Hp and weighed in at 2125 lbs.
                            2003 Miata makes 142 HP stock and weighs 2387 in the 5 speed and 2447 for the 6 speed.

                            Turbocharge that and it will take out a stock 240. Also has 50/50 weight dist as well.


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                              For under 3500, you could deystroy an sr'd 240.