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How to lift up the s14 hood?

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  • How to lift up the s14 hood?

    what should i use? washers or what?pls advise thanks a lot......

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    Couple people on here made some kits. Can't remember their names. I used washers but didn't like it.


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      hoodvents...i think junpower could help you there


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        no one knows where go get these washers?


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          i think he ment just plain washers from a harware store.... i mean if all your doing is lifting up the hood and your not putting any real stress on them normal everyday hardware store metal washers should work.... unless they are being used for something i missed in which case i have no idea... which begs the question why are you trying to lift your hood anyway? for cooling?



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            Lucky you

            Well luckly it's pretty easy to lift the 240 hood..
            Just locate the bolts towards the rear of your hood.
            Have some washers on hand to use as spacers..
            I suggest using a single washer rather than many..
            1 solid washer will be better then 5 of them together..
            Then if the bolts are too short get longer ones from a hardware store..I recomend taking in your stock bolt to match the threading and mabey get one that is about 1\4 - 1\2 inches longer.There after you installed the washers you should be good to go. Here is my lift on my TURBO II =)

            This mod greatly reduces underhood tempeatures and reduces pressure created under the hood , meaning air will be released.
            IMO while using this mod on my FC.I noticed better cooling and no longer see my water temps. creep past half way on the FC.Before I lifted my hood to vent I would see the needle on the meter go past half way after 5 minutes of very hard driving.Not after this mod..So it must work..Lift It!!
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              all most anything you can find to slide in between the hood and the hinge will work great. How bout plastic or for real cool you could get slant cut plastic like a wedge desighn and take allot of stress off you hinges. Most hood bolts on Jap cars are either m6 or m8 and go with the original lengh plus the thicknes of your shim.


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                wow thanks junpower...............hmmm just the rear bolt.....not all the bolts i should put washers?

                ok i shall try it out.........thanks a lot


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                    hey jun...shouldn't i put washers on all the bolts instead of just the rear one?..........thanks a lot


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                      No problem!!

                      Well i think there are 4 bolts on the rear hinge..

                      So for each bolt i say space them with about 4 washers each..
                      thats 4+4+4+4= 16 okay..

                      Hope this will work out for you..


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                        Re: How to lift up the s14 hood?

                        Originally posted by DRFT_DREAM
                        what should i use? washers or what?pls advise thanks a lot......
                        So did The hoos lift go well?
                        Post some pics of it..


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                          READ THE FREAKING FORUM FIRST - DO A SEARCH!!!


                          It's not like me to yell, but your thread has been adjacent to an identical thread for days now!


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                            My CF hood bolts were long enough
                            So I got 4 8mm-ish spacers
                            And did the lift on my 95 S14
                            But I'm havering mixed feelings on the mod



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                              If you have a way overboosted 13b with a stock cooling system, go for it. If not, prepare to get flamed, because your KA doesn't create enough underhood temps to need the extra ventilation.