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Skyline Brakes on 180sx

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  • Skyline Brakes on 180sx

    I'm about to buy an SR 180sx and I want to make it 5 lug. Right now I have a skyline gts-t but I dont know if the front brakes will fit onto the 180. The reason for changing it to 5 lug is because I have like 10 gts-t rims and 4 avs rims, both of them are 5 lug. I have pretty much no 4 lug rims. I heard that the rear will fit onto the 180 but they say the front wont. They said that I'd have to get s14 k's front brakes. If anyone knows for sure that would save me a lot of time and a few bucks from buying ST brakes from a junkyard. Thanks

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    No, they will fit. The brakes that is, the rotors won't fit, you will need S14 front HUBS not brakes. The GTS-T Calipers will fit. GTS-T calipers are basically 300ZX Twin Turbo ( Fairlady Z) calipers, they will fit no worries. You just need the hubs.

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      thanks man i was lookin at the way the suspension bolts on and on my skyline theres only one bolt that holds the suspension down on the front but the s14's and s13's have 2 so i guess thats one of the reasons i can't use skyline front hubs or spindles. My friend said it was called a spindle but he's not a very good source for information. I just can't wait to get drum brakes on the back. thanks again man, now the problem is just finding a junked s14 k's with brakes still on it.


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        why would you choose drum brackes over disk on the back. and if Im right all JDM S14s had disc rears.


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          As far as i know ALL S13s-S15s had four wheel disk.


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            All Silvias from S13-S15 had 4 wheel disks and so did all Skylines from way back in the day. At least, r31. The drum he was refering to is the inner drum inside the rear brake disk found on the r32 skyline. The E-brake or Side brake, whatever you would like to call it, actuates the inner brake drum. This gives you the slammin good side brake responce. It will lock the rear wheels up w/ almost no effort at all. Personaly, I don't really like people to know I am using the side brake, as I am ussually using it for accident recovery. I don't know if you can get them in the states but check out the Rear Big Rotor Kit made by Section. It allows you to mount a 302mm disk in the back and still use your stock calipers. It has an offset braket so your stock calipres still bolt right up. This also makes your side brake work alot better and improves factory brake balance, which is heavily biased towards the front. Another thing I like about this system is that it doesn't nescesarily LOCK your back wheels so you everyone watching your car doesn't have to know that you made a mistake.
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              sorry to jump into the post but man there are alot of people from japan on this board ...ok continue on....