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( TECH CALLS) Answers to Common Questions

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  • ( TECH CALLS) Answers to Common Questions

    (TECH CALLS) Common Questions..

    Customers call in each day to ask questions about our TECH DVD SERIES
    so here are a few of the top questions.... DVD SERIES

    1-How much does it cost to swap a RB25DET into a 240SX?

    ANSWER (Please review this parts list, it is a great reference)

    2-Was the swap that was documented in this DVD difficult?

    ANSWER The most tedious step for this "specific swap" was trying to make room for the puller fan setup. This process was not hard, but it did take time.

    SEVERAL problems were avoided because we selected parts that work.

    3-Did we setup the AC?
    ANSWER no

    4-I am not sure if I want to do an SR or an RB swap...
    ANSWER Compare the budgets first. The RB Swap requires a lot more mandatory upgrades.

    5-Is the S14 wiring similar to the S13?
    ANSWER No, they are not similar

    6-I am not sure if I want to do an RB or a 2JZ swap?
    ANSWER Compare the budgets first.

    Also, the 2JZ requires two major steps that stand out... moving fuel lines and taking apart the transmission to install the shifter extension.

    7-Did the motor start up right away without any problems
    ANSWER No, there was a minor problem that did not take too much time to troubleshoot

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    We are going to prepare some of the top questions for the 13B rebuild


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      Common SR20DET Engine Rebuild Question.

      1-I watched the SR20DET trailer and I wanted to know if you document the measurement of clearances WITHOUT those expensive micrometers.

      ANSWER This DVD does NOT document the use of plastigages, however plastigages are used in the RB long block DVD.