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Welded Diff an Clutch Kick a NO-NO in Japan??

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  • Welded Diff an Clutch Kick a NO-NO in Japan??

    So ive been wanting to ask this question for some time.. Why does it seem like most drifters in Japan and (the pro's from there) do not support welded diffs and clutch kicks.. (i see they support shimmed VLSD's and using e-brake instead)

    Welded is cheap and efficeint and most drifters in the US start out using them.. clutch kick is so easy that even beginners can use it to initiate drifts (but i deff agree that its over used and nobody likes a 1-trick-pony)..

    i know both have their down sides like clutch kicking burns clutchs like woah and welded puts stress on the suspension (please correct me if im wrong)..

    So yea, why does it seem like they are taboo things??

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    Well, i really dont worry about what people frown upon.

    I do what i please and have fun. There are people that knock my car and the *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* i do to it on a daily basis. I'll still blog about it because if the majority of people that see it don't like it or dont understand, maybe i'll inspire somone to try something different for the sake of finding their own style, not what's popular or "right".

    I'll take a welded/clutch kick over handbrake/shimmed vlsd all day.


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      just do what you feel comfortable with. What people in another country think of you is irrelevant if you are having fun


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        your information OP is incorrect.

        There is no one way to get sideways... I have been in Japan 2 years and people use and do whatever it take to get sideways. Anyone who is decent at drifting uses each technique as the situation predicts.

        as far as welded. they are just not allowed in certain events due to saftey. I started with a welded and Now run a Nismo GT 2way.... if you can affoard a real diff do so.. if not weld it. Yes you will expereince understeer at some points but you will over come it.


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          Originally posted by BigGameHit View Post
          Anyone who is decent at drifting uses each technique as the situation predicts.

          Thank you,

          Seriously though, well with me anyways as skill progresses it all becomes muscle memory depending on the course. Sometimes you don't see or remember your self kicking the clutch and touching the handbrake. After initiation its all weight transfer and throttle control. Well for me anyway.