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air cleaner HKS or TRUST?

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  • air cleaner HKS or TRUST?

    I'm looking into mushroom type air cleaner and
    I just can't decide. this might be kind of a question we don't like.

    both sponge type. HKS is wet, TRUST is dry.
    price is about the same because HKS gives bigger discount.
    replacement for HKS is avalable at any carparts shop here.
    as for TRUST, I'll have to order and pay for the shipping.
    but it's cheaper. so it's about the same, again.

    HKS's larger size is 200mm diameter and might be too large
    in my engine room
    espeacialy if I want to fabricate a DIY induction box.
    and 150 looks like they are for smaller engine.
    TRUST's larger size is 150mm diameter and it looks fine.

    I'm lost.
    and the shop guy recomends APEX!


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    Neither of the above.
    The foam type aircleaners only stop rocks and slow birds.

    Go for a proper cotton based type filter with a oiled surface ( but not too much cos it screws the airflow meter) and one of the best in the World is made in the USA and that's K+N .
    They have a huge range of panel, direct replacement, conical style and there is sure to be one to suit.

    We use them in Australian Rallying because of all the heat/dust/crap around and I have seen engines using foam mushroom ones that look like they have been sandblasted inside ( especially the Turbo blades).


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      I see. then I'll pick K&N or APEX.


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        whats ur opinion on arc?


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          I've been using K+N for my normal driving cars for the last 8 years. I've got an old Ranger that we rebuilt the engine 7 years ago. I had a K+N in it for that whole time. The engine still runs like new, no oil buring or anything. We live a little out in the country on a gravel road, so it's no stranger to dust. I does very well for keeping dust out and adds a bit of throttle response and a nice throaty sound. It breaths a lot better than stock paper ones and lasts forever. In normal city driving and even some country driving, you only need to clean it say every 2 or 3 years. I did mine every year, but it didn't need it. It just gets the bugs off of it, lol.


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            thanks. but a bit too late. I already ordered an APEX cleaner.
            it'll be here in a couple of days.
            K&N sounds good. but I'm interested in APEX's funnel design.

            the guy at the shop said something like torque increase is huge
            with the ARC induction box and much better than mushrooms.

            I hope I don't have to do anything with A/F settings and stuff.
            I'm just thinking of buying 6000yen+($60) parts for right now
            and don't want to end up with buying computers and exhaust systems and everything..
            uh, it might be a good excuse though!
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              for your intended purpos you will not get a better one than apex. We use these on our D1 cars and let me tell ya they out perform anything else Ive seen. I have a wire mesh filter that opens the door for breathing but for some reason that apex still performs better.


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                that sounds really good. I'll report when I have it.


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                  My first post!!

                  Good choice with the APEX'i filter! I've never heard anything but good things about them also. Tell us about it once you get it installed


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                    Since I seen the HKS before and the trust one is larger and blue..
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                      I got the Apex air cleaner.
                      good mid range to top end performance
                      without torque decrease around low end.
                      I'll post details later.


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                        TRUST sucks, but those GREDDY units are awesome!!!



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                          Originally posted by mranlet
                          TRUST sucks, but those GREDDY units are awesome!!!

                          It's the same company going by a different name in different countries (Greddy is the american half's name and Trust is the japanese half's name)

                          BTW how are the Blitz filters with the shielding metal around it?
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                            I had a chance to talk to a guy from HKS and he said heat plate really doesn't make a difference.
                            there are 2 or 3 tuned car from major tuner brand. they didn't have such big heat plate.
                            and their cleaners are like 3-4 times more expensive than others.
                            who would pay $200+ just for a piece of metal around the cleaner?
                            I may build one by myself though.