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Sway bar removal

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  • Sway bar removal

    Ive heard of poeple removing the sway bars in their fcs for drifting. Some remove both or just one. Idk if this is just for fc or not. Is this just something particular to the drivers comfort and control level or is it something more of a manuverablilty thing?

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    i think the sway bar will you more control of the vehicle.. but i could be wrong!


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      Just remove one of the links and that will disable it. If you like the way it works better, then remove it completely. As far as daily-driving goes, you will definitely like it better with it there.


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        I removed my rear sway bar on my E36 a while ago and have done a few events with it off and I have to say I really like the feel of the car with the rear sway bar removed. It feels like the rear is much smoother on initiation and it also feels more controllable at deeper angles. I am way more comfortable sitting on the steering stops at full lock.

        I ran an event with both disconnected and I didnt like that at all. So im just gonna stick to running the front with no rear bar.


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          I didn't remove the bars on my E30. Stock 180K mile suspension with an open diff and it was twitchy (but that was probably because of the open diff). I was told to not remove either by another E30 guy, so I never did try removing the rear bar before selling it.

          The S12 I have is similar in rear design (semi-trailing arms rear, struts up front) so I might try removing the rear at some point just to see how it feels. And, yes, I will have a camera and microphone in hand when I do.


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            my rear sway bar isnt connected right now on my 240, but that was due to being lazy. but i do like the way it feels without it being there. its alot smoother when i throw it in at full lock and transitions very smoothly