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AEM DYNO-SHAFT, Dyno on Your Car

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  • AEM DYNO-SHAFT, Dyno on Your Car

    AEM DYNO-SHAFT, Dyno on Your Car

    AEM’s Dyno-Shaft Sportsman on-vehicle dynamometer system is literally a dyno on your car. It is as accurate as the most respected dynamometers in the industry. It provides real, accurate Horsepower and Torque numbers that are produced by measuring a vehicle’s Torque and RPM at the driveline, while you drive! The Dyno-Shaft Sportsman Series is designed for competitive amateur racers and serious performance enthusiasts whose applications can utilize a cast iron slip yoke. For higher stress applications, the Dyno-Shaft Pro Series kit features a CNC-machined Chrome Moly slip yoke.

    Eliminate Guesswork - Know for sure if slower times are due to a loss of power, vehicle set up or driver error.

    Engine tuning - Stop trying to approximate real world test conditions and start testing in the real world! Finally you can test with actual intake air conditions, actual vehicle loading and the hundred other things that make a real vehicle behave very different than it does when on a dyno.

    Chassis Set Up - Know when the tires will break loose. Ideal for optimizing drag launches and determining the longitudinal forces your tires can handle in road racing.

    Torque Converter and Clutch development - Finally know what your Torque converter or clutch is doing while you are making a pass!

    Dyno It All - The Dyno-Shaft accurately reads in all conditions including steady state, uphill or downhill, even while coasting down!

    At its core, the Dyno-Shaft is a sensor that measures Torque and RPM and uses this data to output a vehicle’s Horsepower and Torque in real time. You will need a ‘host device’ to record, view and output data from the Dyno-Shaft. The following devices are capable of reading and logging data from the Dyno-Shaft via AEMnet:

    AEM AQ-1 Data Logger
    The AQ-1 is the ideal host device solution for the Dyno-Shaft as it provides the broadest set of features and functionality, including:
    The ability to create dyno charts which can be saved, printed or shared electronically.
    The AQ-1 is a full featured data logger, so continuous power data can be recorded and replayed along with a wide variety of other vehicle information. See AQ-1 product page for more information.

    See the screen captures below for outputted dyno graphs from the Dyno-Shaft and ease of set up.

    AEMData - Dyno-Shaft Data Plot AEMData - Dyno-Shaft Dyno Plot AQ-1 Dyno-Shaft Configuration Screen 1 AQ-1 Dyno-Shaft Configuration Screen 2

    AEM Series 2 Programmable EMS
    Like the AQ-1, the Series 2 EMS allows logging of continuous power data which can be replayed along with a wide variety of vehicle information however this device currently does not feature the ability to create dyno charts. This functionality will be added in the future.

    Certain CAN-enabled devices from other manufacturers are configured to read Dyno-Shaft data. If you do not have one of the AEM devices listed above you will need one of the devices listed below, and will need to confirm that it can read the data from the Dyno-Shaft by contacting your manufacturer:

    CAN-enabled Data Logger
    CAN-enabled Programmable Engine Management System
    CAN-enabled Racing Dash

    Please use the DYNO-SHAFT APPLICATION GUIDE for Body/Chassis Clearance and Application Information.


    Measures Torque and RPM at the driveline to deliver real Horsepower and Torque numbers
    Does not skew readings like accelerometer-based units
    Eliminates guesswork when troubleshooting or making changes at the track
    Laboratory-grade strain gauge requires no slip rings or batteries and is maintenance free
    Create dyno charts which can be saved, printed, or shared electronically (requires AQ-1 Data Logger)
    Sportsman slip yoke is manufactured from ductile cast iron
    Sportsman slip yoke splines are manufactured from a broaching process that produces industry-leading mating fit parts
    Sportsman slip yoke is temperature compensated and individually calibrated for load through a multi-point process
    Can be used with the AEM AQ-1 data logger, AEM Series 2 EMS, and some third party CAN-enabled engine management systems, data loggers and displays