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how to fix my car up for driftng

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    I wouldn't recommend taking the bumper or bumper rebar/support off for ANY reason... its just not a safe thing to do...

    the only thing between the vital parts of the car is the bumpers and rebar.. besides they're cheaper to replace than rads, a/c pumps, engines.. etc..

    There's always the off chance something may go wrong an you'll hit a light post, another car, a wall.. something... besides it'll be pain to take off and on at the track all the time..

    Just maintain the stock car with good fluids, routine check ups, replace worn parts asap..


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      same spring rate, just less travel, and less coils of the same rate= shitty springs


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        It does not matter if you torch off or cut off sections of a spring, both will increase spring rate on any spring. It is not same spring rate and less travel, it is higher spring rate and less travel. Less coils basically means higher spring rate.

        A spring with wire size of .5mm and 11.4mm long with 10.5 coils for example is for a civic, if you remove 2 coils spring rate increases about 3-5kg.

        Do not ever cut your spring, unless you do not want your shocks or like bouncing around in your vehicle.